Facebook page

8 Amazing Ways to Increase Likes on your Facebook Page – Stan Ventures Blog

Is your startup is new, and are looking out for aware people about it? One of best ways to do so is promoting it on social networking sites. Facebook is the platform that works best for you. For this reason, you can create a Facebook page immediately. Getting a number of Facebook page likes is […]

get link clicks

How to Get Link Clicks Without Ranking on the Top – Stan Ventures Blog

You all have learned that you’ll get link clicks on your website, and increase website traffic fast only when it appears at the top position on Google. Well, this is true, but only in some ways. There are numerous SEO companies who are one of the best companies to help you rank your website in […]

Structured Data

Structured Data: What is it and How to Use it for SEO – Stan Ventures Blog

When it comes to boosting the rankings of your website, it sometimes happens that you think that the marketers and the web developers are communicating in another language. Well, they actually are. There are numerous efforts required for the web development and SEO, and this is mainly true with structured data. Since around 2011, most […]

Image Link Building

A Comprehensive Guide to Image Link Building – Stan Ventures Blog

Since past decades, images have been a huge part of the web. This is because this has added more value to the overall usage of the web through enhancing the experience of visuals as well as helping provide more definition to the web-based content. One of the great things about using unique, engaging and compelling […]

Facebook Ads

5 Amazingly Effective Facebook Ads Tips to Apply to Local Businesses

You all learn that Facebook is one of the advertising platforms that provide a number of astounding ways for the businesses for reaching out to target audiences, engage with them in a meaningful manner, and build a brand online. Although there are companies like Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Adidas which use the Facebook Ads extensively for promoting […]

Influencer Marketing

Why Brands Continue to Fail at Influencer Marketing

Many brands or companies spend money on SEO and Social Media, while some brands have realized that influencer marketing provides a chance to achieve the goals. But there’s a problem that these brands don’t learn the right way to use influencer marketing. This is the reason why they continue to fail at influencer marketing it’s […]