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Kore1 is one of the leading and most reputed organizations in the talent staffing industry. Based out of California, they always wanted to enter India, but it wasn't so easy for them. Stan Ventures understood their needs and got the job done! Kore 1 says,"Hello India."

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We work closely with our client's which makes them feel like home. Here's our Client's revealing their experiences with Stan Ventures and Insourcing.

Brian Hunt, CEO
Brian Hunt


KORE1 is one of the fastest-growing IT staffing company in Irvine. They expanded their recruiters wisely to support their clients and connected with Stan Ventures to establish their subsidiary in India. They are ranked 1150 on the INC 5000 list, and have a growth rate of 365 percent in the last three years.COMPLETED IN AUGUST 2015



The Start of the Idea of Insourcing

Stan Ventures approached Kore1 to give them a peek into the idea of Insourcing. Stan Ventures analyzed the market value and reputation the organization holds, and we gave a roadmap to Kore1 for implementing the Insourcing idea. India was not new to Kore1, as they had outsourced a part of their work there. This gave them a window of opportunity to enter India.

MAY 2015

Kore 1 Comes to India

After months of discussions and planning, understanding the various modules of growth, Kore 1 gave us the green light to enter India.

JUNE 2015

The Recruitment with Stake Holders

The recruitment process was so fun with Kore1. The stakeholders of the company accompanied the recruitment process with the Stan Ventures team in India. They flew all the way from California to Bangalore to meet and interview the prospective employees of the company. After a week of talent hunting, a weekend at the brew house sure eased some of the pressure.

JUNE 2015

Kore 1 Joining Party at Barleyz

Kore 1, along with Stan Ventures, narrowed down the applicants and chose its employees for the Indian office. We invited them over for a surprise team dinner, where they were presented with a letter of offer. These eager talents joined the organization on the spot, witnessing the culture and transparency that Kore1 holds.

JULY 2015

Kore1 India Office

Stan Ventures dug in to find the perfect office setup for Kore1, and the mission was a success. We found a great setup and we had the office customized to match the style of Kore1’s headquarters.


Kore1 India with its Operations

It's been an exciting journey to share the stakeholder's vision of Kore1 India from dream to reality. Kore1 India started its operations successfully with a 15-person team and is currently growing.