Obstacle Course

Recruiting in Native Countries

Recruitment in native countries is a difficult scenario to handle. You are pushed to pay high competitive rates for a good developer.


A simple equation exists,

“The demand is bigger than the supply.”

Hiring a Freelancer?

You will experience pain in managing them, and it may be difficult to judge their ability to deliver quality work.


“They are scattered around the globe, as will be your accountability, quality and delivery.”


This is the traditional method, where neither the company nor the project has control over the workers. You can’t keep an eye on those who are working on your project, which may cause you to spend 150 percent more than what it really costs.


“This is an easy way to burn money.”




Finding Digital Marketing Specialists at Reasonable Costs usually becomes a Wild Goose Chase. Stop worrying, we're the problem solvers for your Native Scalability without you losing any money.


Do you want an expert but don't know who to trust? Here We have professional Digital marketing specialists ready to work for you, and we will be open and transparent about the reality of execution on the Rankings and Traffic growth.


The Ideal solution would be to scale with best resellers, or with outsourcing contracts. However, this requires a substantial amount of time & money, not to mention transparency issues, lack of trustworthy people, pricing exaggeration, and false promises.


All the agency tools and resources you need to sell more marketing services to your clients, available in one dashboard. Get free access to unlimited premium resources. Let us take care of the work while you sell & build relationships.


With our program, you don’t just task us with receiving and returning work for your clients. We become an extension of your agency by thoroughly knowing your client’s voice and their digital needs.


Our White Label Insourcing services furnish you with the edge to maximize your clients’ digital potential. We operate as more than just an insourcing vendor; we’re an executing partner.

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Why is Stan Ventures deemed as the real problem solver for Digital Marketers?



We are young, energetic and highly responsible people who believe in karma. We will work hard to emulate your company's values in India. We do not claim to be experts in establishing your business, but we take pride in being perfectionists and doing everything exactly as promised.

Why Our Services


Insourcing? Why not Oursourcing?

Transparancy, Integrity & Promises are lacking with Outsourcing & Resellers. The amount you pay for marketing services will also depend on the size of your business and the extent of services you require. When choosing an agency, don’t compromise quality for “cheap” services. Insourcing is all about transparency with Quality.

Why Our Process

How do we leverage our Team?

We analyze each individual's skill set and dive deep to understand their innate talents, in order to match their emotional desires.

With over 80+ years of combined experience in digital marketing execution, you can trust Stan Ventures to connect you with a team that meets your demands.

Our Team


We work closely with our clients, which makes them feel at home. Here are some of our clients revealing their experiences with Stan Ventures and Insourcing.