5 Fold Increase in Returns for Medical Tourism Business

About Client

The client is among the top luxury retail brands offering premium products and accessories in the country to their upmarket clientele. They had a social media presence which gave them consistent engagement. Also, their offline retail store sales had good results.



Before this, the brand was mostly focused on its offline sales and social media. However, the coronavirus situation had a negative impact on their offline revenue, which is why they wanted to give paid advertising a try. They wanted to upscale their online retail presence. One of the main challenges that they were facing was that their eCommerce website wasn’t configured for online sales or digital advertising. Also, there wasn’t much data available on their buyer persona or audience. 

Strategy in a Nutshell

We started by branching out to different campaigns such as Google Analytics, Google and Merchant Centre. In order to determine the journey of the user from the product page to the confirmation of the payment page, we focused on Google Analytics’ enhanced eCommerce implementation. Once we had this information, we started strategizing the campaign along with creating creative messaging and ideas for targeting the right audience. With our understanding of the target audience, we were able to create the video, creative, and digital assets. Since this was the beginning phase, we didn’t have provision for offers but had plans to introduce relevant ones at the later stages.

Action Plan

Since the brand was offering premium accessories products, we attracted new users using diverse ad formats such as display, carousel, videos, catalogs, and google banner ads across all digital stages and touchpoints. 


Check out the summary of our marketing strategy as well as execution:

  • Used Google Analytics, and Google Merchant Centre to lay down the foundation of the client’s marketing campaign.
  • Used existing customer and social media data for creating a top funnel campaign.
  • Created occasion-based campaigns using relevant offers, creatives, and communication.
  • Used high-quality creatives for the campaign and optimized the message according to the audience.
  • Focused on specific target audiences like market users who are operating high-end devices.
  • Initiated a top-funnel strategy and a full-funnel approach in the beginning stages and a remarketing campaign at the end with various cohorts.


In only 60 days, we were able to increase the online advertising channels’ returns from 0x to 4x. This was the brand’s first entry into online marketing, and they were able to gain substantial rewards, despite the unfavorable pandemic situation.


  • By configuring Google Analytics, and Google Merchant Centre, we can create a strong website foundation and campaign strategy, which helps in running the campaigns smoothly and getting optimal results.
  • When we initiate a full-funnel strategy along with a top-funnel strategy at the beginning stage and a remarketing campaign at the later stages, it can help in attracting customers at different stages of the funnel.
  • Occasion-based campaigns and other relevant campaigns can help target customers in particular situations.
  • If we collect data from previous campaigns, it can help target the right audience and get relevant sales.
  • Using high-quality creatives and optimized messaging can improve campaigns’ engagement.