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Stan’s SEO expertise encouraged us to offer high-end SEO solutions that were tailored for agencies and businesses across North America. Our Indo-American USP empowered us to make inroads into the US market. Moreover, this enabled us to minimize the cost and maximize results for agencies, SEO Companies, SEO Directors, and Consultants.

Over the last decade, Stan has diversified as a one-stop-shop for all SEO requirements. We achieved this feat by focusing on our core expertise in different stages of growth. We take pride in calling ourselves the No. 1 Indo-American SEO executors. We are deeply indebted to our remarkable workforce located both in India and the US for this achievement.

With more than 100+ satisfied agencies, SEO Directors, Managers, and Consultants across the United States and India, Stan is one of the fastest growing White Label SEO service providers.

Our uniqueness as a pioneering Indo-American SEO service provider revolves around recruiting talents in the US and India, and giving them an environment where they can learn and adapt.

These factors make Stan a standout among other digital marketers

Stan is the pioneer in offering Indo-American SEO services to agencies and organizations in the US. Our service delivery process is divided between talented SEO experts based both in the US and in India. This enables us to offer advanced SEO services at affordable cost.

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We Work with You

Stan believes in excellence. We put all our efforts into making our clients discoverable online. We achieve this through unique SEO strategies that target customers who are looking to purchase your products and services.

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Promising without Exaggeration

Stan does not believe in chest thumping and superlatives, but rather we focus on winning customer approvals; we strive to keep all our promises. We are serious with delivering promises, because we want to build a long-term relationship with you.

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We Understand Your Expectations

At Stan, we spend quality time on understanding your expectations better. This allows us to serve you more accurately by providing you with customized solutions that can drive your business towards success.

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Ensuring ROI with Guaranteed Results

Stan can provide you plans that are 50% cost-effective, than other SEO service provides in the US. Our custom plans are tailored to give you better ROI. We guarantee 100% transparency on where your money goes.


Persevere Until Campaign Improvements

The search industry is highly unpredictable. The success mantra of one company may not work for the other. That is why Stan focuses on research, before and after, the delivery of our products. Our perseverance will continue until we achieve your campaign requirements.

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Focusing on Quality rather than Quantity

Stan follows the principle of delivering quality SEO services. Our principle is inline with that of the search engines that now promote high quality websites. Stan’s benchmark for quality is always 100%.

Who are We?

We are a group of diligent SEO professionals who believe in numbers, possibilities, and reality. Our passionate team of youngsters work with one vision - to bridge the humongous gap between quality and pricing when it comes to getting SEO work done. We understand that India is the most sought-after country for talented analytical workers. Unfortunately, the quality of the output fails to match the expectations of US target audience. By making use of our in-house talent pool in the US and India, Stan saves cost and reaps a greater ROI for the US-based businesses.

We are an Indo-American SEO company

At Stan, we are serious about not giving you fake promises. We are not magicians, so we don’t create illusions, but instead, we strive to produce results that will fuel your business. We do this by sharing the creative and technical workload with our in-house SEO experts based in the US and India. We have 50+ native writers generating high-quality content for our North American clients; the research, technical, and managerial part of SEO is taken care of by our SEO professionals in India.

Our unique USP makes Stan the first-ever Indo-American SEO company to deliver affordable services to businesses and agencies in the US.

How we demystified the SEO industry?

Ever since the concept of SEO and search engine marketing exploded, SEO companies have been guaranteeing their clients instant “higher ranking and traffic” for websites. A few companies were initially able to deliver their promises. But the honeymoon days of these SEO companies soon got over after search engines, especially Google, hatched out of the cocoon.

Fast-forward to 2018; Google has grown up into a search engine titan with superior knowledge and wisdom, that even its competitors envy. Despite the change, even today, many SEO agencies guarantee their clients with better ranking for websites within days.

Stan understands that in SEO, success cannot be guaranteed overnight. However, we can guarantee the highest level of SEO expertise and round the clock customer service to leverage your website ranking in phases.

Our Vision

According to the latest study conducted by Borrell Associates, companies in the United States are expected to spend $79.27 billion for SEO marketing alone, by 2020. This figure is 10% more than the SEO spending range of 2016 and 200% higher than the investment of the last decade. Unfortunately, a majority of clients are unhappy with the services that are rendered to them. But why?

The major reason for the disappointment is discrepancies in what they were promised and what they were delivered. Our long-term objective is to establish a mutually beneficial relationship with Agencies, SEO Companies, SEO Directors & Consultants and showcase our Indo-American expertise, by delivering affordable and quality SEO services

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Stan is the No.1 Indo-American SEO service provider offering 100% White Labeled SEO
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