Google Algorithm Update After Google Image Algorithm Update in Sept 2018

By:  Dinesh

August 30, 2022

Google keeps introducing new algorithms now and then. We’ve also seen some this year. And it’s only right to say that we see a bunch of broad core and smaller updates every year.

Last year, it rolled out a new Google Image algorithm update on September 27, 2018,  which also marked the 20th anniversary of the search engine giant.

After the anniversary, many digital marketers speculated to have noticed a new update from the leading search engine, as they found changes in their search rankings and the web traffic.

However, according to them, the Sept 2018 Google algorithm update didn’t affect much of the websites, but instead, had yielded a better ranking in the Google SERP pages for the sites that were hit previously by broad core algorithm.

As this update affected only an optimal number of sites, we can consider it as not as big as a Google Medic Update 2018.

Since the Google Medic Update impacted the sites by pushing them below in the SERP rankings, the later update in September 2018 which helped them regain the rankings on SERP is considered to be a reversal of the medic update.

What was the Google Medic Update August 2018?

  • Google announced a broad core algorithm Update on August 1, 2018, that affected both the organic as well as local rankings of the sites.
  • The prime factor in the update was to penalize the sites with less EAT (Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness).
  • After a few types of research by the SEO experts on the update, it was found out that YMYL (Your Money Your Life) sites were affected the most. Thus, an official name ‘Medic’ update was coined for it.

What’s the aftermath of the Sept 2018 update?

The unknown update had amused many of us, as Google didn’t reveal anything about it officially. The primal thing we encounter, whenever an update is released, is fluctuations in the SERP ranking and traffic of the sites.

So, what are the specifics that Google targeted in this update? Let’s take a look at them.

google patents eBook

So, to find it out, I had surveyed a few websites of a different niche during that time, and surprisingly, I could witness a gradual drop in rankings of the static pages.

The news sites were seemingly ranking above that of sites with static pages. Below is a screenshot of a gradual decline in the traffic of a site with static pages:

Google search algorithm update

Many of the sites, similar to that niche encountered the fluctuations in their ranking and the traffic.

Interesting statements on  September 27 Google algorithm update 

If you gaze at them, like I said before, many assumed it to be the reversal of the Google Medic August Update (which may be true for some sites and untrue for some).


It’s not as easy to see what changes Google keeps bringing in. However, what might help us a little better is to keep knowledge of each update- small or big, to see if there’s a pattern to the updates.

This might give us a little insight into how Google algorithms work.




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