Geoffrey Ashok

Geoffrey Ashok is an SEO nerd, Book reader, and Fitness lover. He works as a Project Manager at Stan Ventures. When not at the gym or office, he likes to take pleasure breaks with YouTube videos, Instagram scrolls, and random reads.You can reach out to Geoffrey on <a href="">Twitter</a> | <a href="">LinkedIn</a> | <a href="">Facebook</a> | <a href="">Instagram</a>

SEO STANdard Daily: Indexing Podcasts, Voice Search & Disallowed URLs on SERPs

In today’s edition of the SEO STANdard Daily we gloss over a couple of exciting news updates from Google’s Developer Conference and one important update on disallowed URLs.

SEO STANdard Daily: Keywords in URL, Infinite Scroll & Google I/O 2019

We find new information about Search every day. It might be a new feature, a new tool, a new ranking strategy, or a simple validating nod from Google on a debatable topic.