Author: Sai Digbijay Patnaik

SEO News

Google kills video thumbnails: Replaces it with carousels

If you are into marketing videos, Google has just dropped a bombshell that could make significant changes in the click-through-rate. According to RankRanger, since June 6th, Google has been replacing the video thumbnails in desktop search with video carousels. Video thumbnails were stills that you’d…

digital marketing myths

Digital Marketing Myths That You Shouldn’t Believe

The marketing industry, in general, has evolved into a globally encompassing entity. It has become more complex and has provided a broader and broader range of options to the businesses to reach their customers and even potential customers on a global scale. This has been…

content marketing tools
Content Marketing

Content Marketing Tools That You Should Know About

Content marketing has been increasingly becoming an extremely competitive arena nowadays. This is fast becoming the standard as businesses now sense that providing useful content to the consumers and the customers is great for building a long-term relationship with them. The other good thing about…