Author: Samridhi Bhatia

Instagram network

6 Remarkable Ways to Authentically Network on Instagram

In today’s scenario, one of the best ways to succeed on Instagram is to connect with others whose accounts are the same as yours. Instagram is a platform that inspires the growth of brand and business through professional connections. Building an authentic Instagram network or other…

secure WordPress Website

8 Quick Ways How You Can Secure WordPress Website

You all must have learned that WordPress is one of the most popular CMS and blogging system. This is why the hackers mainly target on it. If you own a website on WordPress, you often look out for the ways to secure a WordPress website….

WordPress Plugins
SEO Tools

5 Must-Have WordPress Plugins You Can’t Do Without!

When it comes to your WordPress website, it entirely depends on how you make it. However, there are a number of WordPress plugins, and choosing the best ones isn’t easy. While there’s no doubt that the need for such plugins is determined only by learning…