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Have you noticed an increase in Google dance for the past two days for your website?

This could be the immediate result of Google completing the final stage of Broad Core Algorithm Update.Broad Core Algorithm Update - Stan Ventures

Last week, the search engine giant had announced the rolling out of an algorithm update that would focus on improving search relevancy.

These kinds of updates, that is, the broad core algorithm updates, happen only a few times a year. The last time that Google released such an update was in March.

Since the roll-out started in the night of August 1st, webmasters and SEOs across the globe had begun noticing significant shifts in the search ranking.

What does Google’s Danny Sullivan have to say about the Algorithm roll out?

The confirmation, regarding the completion of the algorithm roll out, came from Danny Sullivan. Sullivan is the founder of Search Engine Land and the current public face of Google search.

In a tweet answering, Search Engine Land’s, Barry Schwartz’s question about the current status of the Broad Core Algorithm update, Sullivan said the roll-out is complete.

“It’s done. That said, we always have changes that happen, both broad and more specific,” tweeted Sullivan.

A few of them saw a dip in their ranking, whereas some saw a spike in traffic because of a boost in their ranking. If you saw a fluctuation, in either a positive or negative way, you may curse or hail the new algorithm update.

Reasons why the newly launched broad core update of Google is significant for websites:

  • The Broad Core Algorithm Update is incremental and no way similar to the daily core updates.
  • The new update has caused websites with highly relevant content to surpass the ones that have previously ranked.
  • SERP is now offering its users highly contextual search results.
  • The update offers no fix for websites that were penalized during previous Google algorithm updates.

Our rank tracking analysis found significant changes in the search ranking of some popular websites.

Easy fixes for websites affected by the broad core algorithm update

During the update announcement, Google had said that drop ranking is not the result of the overall quality of the website. There’s more to it and you have to know before drawing any conclusions.

Google announced that the new update provides a rank-boost to websites that were previously under-rewarded, despite the high-quality and relevant content.

As we had mentioned in our previous blog post regarding the algorithm update, Google has now asked webmasters not to make technical changes to their website.

Stan was pretty sure that the update was specific to content and relevancy, and it had nothing to do with the website quality. Now, the confirmation on the same has come from Google.

Google has said that the only fix for a decrease in your ranking is to update your content with more relevant information.

In this way, Google wants websites to address the specific query intent of the users. Of course, they have several metrics to understand this; a straightforward metric is the bounce rate.

If you notice a significant shift in the ranking of your website after the broad core algorithm update, scrutinize the content.

Check for quality issues and understand whether the content addresses the intent of your target audience. Once you fix these issues, you can once again zoom past your competitor.

Also, you need not wait until the roll-out of the next algorithm, which Google usually keeps private.

Start improvising on the content and hopefully, one the of core algorithm updates will pick it up and increase your search ranking sooner or later.

If you have trouble making your content relevant and high-quality, ping us in the chat box below or contact us for a free review.

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