How to Build a Brand from Scratch through Social Media?

By:  Samridhi Bhatia

Updated On: March 18, 2023

Do you learn what a brand is? I won’t bore you by defining it in a standard and straightforward way.

It might be possible that you already have a brand, but aren’t happy with it, or trying to build a brand from scratch.

build a brand from scratch

In any of the above cases, what your brand requires is the attention. This is one of the most important things to be considered since it puts a unique fingerprint to your brand to make it easily identified in the community.

There are two facts, which are essential for you to learn to build a brand from scratch and that is as follows:

  • Awareness of your brand is must, because it’s the top priority for both “B2B” and “B2C” marketers.
  • Almost two billion people are active on social media.

Ways to Build a Brand from Scratch through Social Media

For this reason, it’s a bit easy to understand the thing that according to the marketers, social media is hard to build a brand, especially from scratch. So what you need to learn as a beginner.

build a brand from scratch through social media

In this post, you’re provided with the eight ways how to build a brand from scratch through Social Media.

1. Maintain consistency across all Social Media Platforms!

You can’t build a brand from scratch overnight. You need to devote time with a lot of hard work, and dedication.

As all social media platforms are disparate, you really need to choosing a platform that works best for you and your target audience.

So what you need to do is to be consistent, and build a strong brand by sharing in on all the social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, blog page on your company’s website, and wherever possible.

Make yourself to be consistent with color, style, language, and other things.

2. A logo that clears the philosophy of your brand

Why you need a logo? Well, there are several reasons behind using the logo for your brand. A logo communicates your identity to the new customers.

It should be designed in such a way that it’s different from others, and reflects the whole about your brand. You can design a static logo or try logo animation to uplift your brand personality.Logo for brand

3. Use colors to attract the target audience

Making the post colorful gives an attractive and exciting look to it. Try to add colors while posting on social media.

If it is eye-catching, it will lead to more number of visitors coming to your brand’s post and give various reactions to it.

However, make sure that you are consistent with the colors across all the platforms of social media and looks professional.

4. Identify the brand’s voice

You can easily identify the voice of your brand using the services you’re providing through your brand, as well as the target customers.

Assume your brand to be a person, and check what sort of language is being used. Describe it regarding things like age and personality.

Not only this, some more factors are there that would define your brand’s voice, and these factors are language, tone, and purpose.

Identify the brand’s voice

Whatever your brand is communicating, make sure that you’re clear with the tone, whether it’s formal or irreverent. Learn whether the language is slang, or is it the corporate-speak.

Whenever it comes to promoting your brand on social media, it’s necessary to identify the reason to do it. This would help you a lot to build your brand from scratch.

5. Talk like a human being to build trust

Once the personality of a brand is identified, you can make good use of that personality to make people trust it. If you can talk like a human being on social media, it would give you the best results.

Instead of using the corporate language, using the personal language would make it easier for the audience to trust your brand.

Whenever you’re going to respond to any query, or inquiry, using the first name of the person who raised question will look genuine.

6. Keep Transparency

If you want to build a strong relationship with your target audience, you need to be transparent with them.

Making good use of social media platforms, you can publish the important information that would help your customers to learn the functions of your brand.

7. Post Meaningful Content

Make sure whatever you post on social media, it has a meaning and is simple. The content that provides relevant information to the audience helps in the brand building.

Don’t post irrelevant content and never post too frequently. This is because people will get irritated, and will unfollow your brand.

8. Play with Graphics

Using several graphics like images, infographics, and many other things would attract users to your brand’s social media post. Not only this, it would compel them to share the job on their profiles.

There are several social media platforms available such as Pinterest, on which you can share the images along with the link. You can also use Tumblr to store and share the content.

Why Brand Building is Important?

No matter whether you all learn or not, but you all have a brand, either personal or professional.

A personal brand is a brand that can be identified as an individual, whereas Professional brand is a brand that is related to any particular profession.

brand building

There are a number of cases in which both the personal and the professional brands are considered collectively.

So, whenever you publish a brand, some factors are given in this post, which you need to consider. Moreover, these factors are:

Brand Identification

When you’re about to establish a brand, it is important for you to decide the way you’ll present yourself in the world of business. Also, you need to determine the thing that makes you stand out from the crowd.

Learning the brand’s value

What are your strengths? Once you get the answer to this question, soon you’ll be able to create a good brand.

Before working on building a brand, you need to identify the skills you have, so that you could offer them to your client. Learning your abilities with confidence would make you successful in developing a brand from scratch.

Setting up an Adviser’s Team

Having a good team of advisers would help you discuss your desired goals, as well as agenda.

Developing a relationship, with several experts and mentors who are the sources of your inspiration, would make you build your brand into a big business.

If you’ve good terms with the mentors, this will work as the best thing in the growth of your business. This is because such mentors and experts will guide you while forming your brand.

Get Out There To Learn

If you’ll get out there and would do it, this would work as one of the best ways to learn about brand building. There’s no doubt that initially, you have to face many challenges.

You might get failed. This process might be scary. However, since you’re beginning a new experience with the actual blueprint of where you will reach, you have to be positive and confident.

Wrapping it up!

Brand Building is necessary. However, it’s true that in the start no one is perfect. For this reason, don’t expect to be perfect and successful overnight, you need to put a lot of efforts.

If you’ve just started with your brand, to let people learn about it, Social Media is the best tool to use. It increases the online presence of your brand.

Besides, it all boils down to one goal – getting your content and ideas across people through social networking. It might take some time to gain followers and build relationships, but consistency in developing good content will surely get you far.

Since many brands are coming in existence on the Internet; it’s not that easy to compete. So, use the tools of social media for branding purpose in an effective way to keep your target audience interested in learning about your brand, and engaged to it.

This would work best to build a brand from scratch.

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