Content Marketing Mistakes to Avoid in 2023

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Updated On: March 14, 2023

Content marketing plays a vital role in helping every business gain credibility in their niche market. Assuming that you already have a fair idea about content marketing, you too must have joined the bandwagon, and why shouldn’t you? You’ve got a professional team of writers and digital marketing specialists in place, and they are working round the clock to produce and promote quality content regularly. You can see their effort, but you cannot see the desired outcomes. At this point, who should you really blame- the performance of your team or the content marketing strategy they are following?

Although the word ‘Content Marketing’ is self-explanatory, there are very few businesses who are doing it correctly. Every day millions of content are created similar to your niche. If you want your website content to be noticed in a sea of competitors, it needs to be unique and valuable compared to others. But, do you think fixing content is enough to shoot up traffic on your website and get good leads? Not really! Here is your expert lesson from these content marketing mistakes before it’s too late.

  1. Not analyzing what the audience wants to read
  2. Lack of consistent approach
  3. Not writing on trending topics
  4. Not focusing on multiple forms of content
  5. Focusing too much on SEO
  6. Lack of enough CTAs
  7. Disregarding the brand identity
  8. Not measuring content performance
  9. Overdoing content marketing

Find the Sweet Spot Between Your Expertise and What Your Audience Wants to Read

First thing first, most marketers fail to understand their audience, so the content they produce is mostly out of context. If your job is to advise businesses on how to increase their traffic and revenue, who do you think will benefit from it- big businesses or the smaller ones? “The year-over-year growth rate for successful content marketers is almost 7.8x higher than the smaller ones,” says Aberdeen.

The big brands have already figured out the way to success, the one who needs to take a lesson or two from your posts like ‘5 killer ways to improve traffic on your website’ or ’10 sure shot ways to generate 10x more revenue in the next 5 years’ are the small businesses who are still figuring out their success path. So instead of targeting industry experts, focus on helping entry-level and mid-level businesses through your insightful blogs.

Stop Killing Interest With Inconsistent Writing

The next common content mistake that most marketers do is to be inconsistent in their content marketing approach. According to eMarketer, more than 60% of businesses produce at least one piece of content every day. When you post regularly for a month only to vanish for the next few weeks and then start again abruptly, it shows that you are unorganized and do not care about publishing content because you want to help others, but more because you have to! Even if you post often, do you really make an effort to share new updates with your audience or stick to writing the same type of content like every other website? Nothing incites people to click on your content than current topics with insightful information.

Get Creative With Your Content

While creating content, don’t shy away from experimenting with the type of content. Bring diversity to your content by publishing videos, infographics, slideshows, case studies, and interviews. Producing various types of content retains freshness and uniqueness of your blog and helps you to understand which kind of content is doing well for your business. Also, adding images, videos, charts, gifs, and infographics to written content makes it insightful and drives more traffic. According to a report produced by LinkedIn, blogging, social media, and case studies are the top three content marketing tactics.

Think Beyond SEO Optimization

One of the biggest mistakes in content marketing is focusing too much on SEO. A few years ago, if you’d have published blog posts in your website regularly, you’d probably be at the top of SERPs, but that doesn’t work now. Posting regularly doesn’t guarantee a top position on the search engine, neither focusing too much on SEO-optimized content. Instead of trying to implement every SEO parameter to your content to increase ranking, utilize it to improve the overall user experience.

Prompt Your Readers to Take Action

Another content mistake that hurt SEO is the lack of enough CTAs in your content. Your content can attract decent traffic, but all of them will go to vain unless it comes with a CTA. It is essential to convert your potential leads to your customers. You can customize your CTAs as per your need. Some common ways to add CTAs are adding a popup subscription box, online form submission link, read more button, and social sharing buttons. Always add CTAs to your website to generate more leads, but make sure not to overdo it.

Your Business is Nothing Without a Brand Identity

Among the biggest social media and content marketing mistakes is a disregard for brand identity. Brand identity helps in product or service recognition. When you produce a blog post or share a Facebook post, it should have a distinct style of writing or images with the logo of your brand to help people instantly recognize you. Having a unique website logo is essential for every business. It helps people differentiate one brand from another and influence their purchase decision.

Analyze Your Content Performance

You are putting enough effort into your content marketing strategy, but where are the leads you were supposed to get out of it? You see traffic coming to your website, but you can barely see any conversions. Why is it so? Well, have you checked your content performance? Linkedin says only 8% of marketers agree that they can successfully track content marketing ROI. So, take time to review every content that you publish and analyze what works well with the audience. Most businesses are so much focused on creating content regularly that they give the least importance to content performance. It is a huge web content mistake and must be addressed at the earliest.

You Are Probably Doing It Too Much

Lastly, putting effort on content marketing strategies is always appreciated, but doing too much of it can backfire on your business. There are multiple channels where you can promote your content, but don’t stretch yourself too much trying to cover them all. If you have just started with your business, it will be better to stick to some basic content marketing channels. Start with blogging and guest blogging opportunities in channels like Medium, and promote them on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Later, you can try to expand your avenue or else you won’t be able to focus well on any of the channels. According to Social Media Examiner, 81% of marketers agree that their traffic has increased when they invested a minimum of 6 hours in social media marketing.

LinkedIn says that the top three goals of content marketing are lead generations (59%), thought leadership (43%), and brand awareness (40%). Is your business meeting these goals? Avoid the marketing mistakes mentioned above and meet your business objectives with ease.




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