Content Marketing Tools You Should Use in 2023

By:  Sai Digbijay Patnaik

Updated On: March 10, 2023

Content marketing has been increasingly becoming an extremely competitive arena nowadays. This is fast becoming the standard as businesses now sense that providing useful content to the consumers and the customers is great for building a long-term relationship with them.

The other good thing about content marketing is that it helps a brand get popular among people. If you own a business, then it’s almost obvious that you might also have thought of content marketing at some point in time.

However, content marketing is not as easy as it may look from the outside. It comes with a set of challenges that you need to overcome to be successful in it.

This is where the content marketing tools act as a savior for many businesses looking to leverage content for their marketing needs.

These best content marketing tools are known to help businesses influence their customers or even potential customers at different stages.

If you want to know more about these content marketing tools and want to use them in your content marketing techniques, worry not!

content marketing tools that you should know

Here are some of the best content marketing tools that you should know about and use, to make your content better and visible to the people.



This is perhaps one of the best inbound-marketing platforms available for content marketing today.

The platform has a lot of tools that not only help you create great content but also help you monitor the content and create good content marketing campaigns.

Additionally, HubSpot also has social-media analytics and message-scheduling capabilities. This means that your content can seamlessly publish in all your social channels when you finish writing them.

Hubspot - Best Content Marketing Tool

Also, HubSpot’s has a unique tool that’s called  HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator. This tool helps you generate ideas for new blog posts and articles.

All you need to do is enter three nouns related to the general topic that you’re interested in writing, and the tool will provide you with five ideas that you can use to create your next content.

This makes HubSpot one of the best content discovery tools as well. So what are you waiting for, try HubSpot’s tools today and have a successful content marketing campaign?


To generate an idea for content whether it’s a blog or article requires a lot of research and reading of as many blogs as you can. This can be time taking and a tedious job as you need to find the blogs through search engines.

It’s where Feedly comes as a great tool. This tool is a cloud-based platform that contains all the latest news and blogs published on all the topics.

It’s a feed that provides you with all the blogs and news published on the internet all over the world. All you need to do is subscribe to Feedly and then subscribe to feeds for a huge number of blogs and get ideas and inspiration from the types of headlines and topics that you see.

Feedly - Best Content Marketing Tool


This is one of the best content marketing tools of 2017 that’s been used by most of the businesses today.

The Ahrefs platform contains all the tools that you need to create content and monitor it as well.

You get various tools, like the content explorer, site explorer, keyword explorer, rank tracker, SEO toolbar, and much more that help you create and monitor content.

Ahrefs - Best Content Marketing Tool

You can use the content explorer tool to find the topics that are the most shared in social media and based on it you can create content.

The keyword generator tool helps you in finding out the keywords that are used in a particular content or blog. This tool also enables you to find if the keyword is organic or not and how much traffic does it generate.

The site explorer tool helps you explore any website you wish to and lists out its rank in the search engines and the keywords used on the website.

So, overall you can say that it’s a complete content management tool that can help you in creating content and monitor its performance.


If you still don’t have a blog for your business, then WordPress is the best tool that you can use to create a blog page with. Generally, people tend to forget that WordPress is a content marketing tool as they use it on a daily basis.

People using WordPress would agree that it’s much more than a simple tool. It helps you write, compose, and publish articles and content that you want on your blog.

It’s a robust platform that not only lets you write content but also allows the flexibility to edit the design easily and to experiment with different plugins in a snap.

WordPress - Best Content Marketing Tool


When you’re creating content, you’re heavily relying on the insights from the team of subject matter experts to provide you with all the required information.

However, most of the times what happens is that not all professional writers who are masters at writing, storytelling, grammar, or spellings. This is where you can use the Keyword management templates for your convenience.

This content marketing tool allows you to store and organize all the insights that you gather from the experts at one place so that you can create content based on them very easily.


When you have a topic in mind, it is essential that you also have a roadmap on where your article should go before ever starting to write on it.

If not, it could end up as a mess with all your ideas not being connected. This is where MindMup‘s brainstorming tool helps you big time.

One of the top content marketing tools, MindMup enables you to create a visual mind map of your thoughts using text bubbles, images, and links so that all your ideas stay organized at a place.

Mindmup - Best Content Marketing Tool


If you’ve already created high-quality content, then you need to make sure that its headline is just as high-quality as the content.

Generally, this is also the part where most of the content marketers mess up. This is where you can take the help of CoShedule’s Headline Analyze tool. The tool scores your headline based on the overall word balance, length, sentiment, and keywords.

If you get a good score, then you can use the headline in your content. However, if you get a bad score, then you need to change your headline. Also, it provides a Google search preview and email subject line preview, so you know exactly how your content will appear to readers.


After you create high-quality content with a high-quality headline, you need high-quality images and pictures to make your content even more interactive.

This is where you can take the help of one of the top free content marketing tools for image creation called Canva. It has a very simple to use template that allows you to create images as per your needs.

You can even choose basic themes for your images if you want. The other best thing about this tool is that you can easily copy an existing image an tweak it with small things for each new post.

Canva - Best Content Marketing Tool


The Google Analytics tool is perhaps the most common and accessible tool that you might find on this list of best content marketing tools.

This analytics tool by Google provides you all the analytics that you need to figure out how well does your content do in the real world. It also generates weekly reports of all the vital stats that you need to measure your content marketing efforts.

Google Analytics - Best Content Marketing Tool

Here are some of the important analytic reports that the tool provides:

  • The number of views on the content.
  • Time spent by people on the page.
  • Search Queries.
  • Social media sources that lead to the content.
  • Referrals.
  • Paid visitors VS organic visitors.
  • New visitors VS returning visitors.
  • It’s highly recommended that you use the Google Analytics tool to measure the stats and identify the mistakes that you might be making in your content marketing strategies.


There you have it – 9 best content marketing tools that can not only boost your content marketing strategies but also will help you get more traffic than ever.

Remember, Content marketing isn’t just about figuring out what to write, how to write, and when to write. It’s much more than that. Unless you execute content marketing, your true purpose of writing content on the website won’t be served.

You need to create exciting, engaging, and well-researched content to ensure that it reaches your target audience or your potential customers and the tools as mentioned above will help you achieve it.



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