Hi guys, this is Minal, and I’m an SEO content associate at Stan Ventures. We’re here to discuss an important topic today, which is how to deal with choosy guest posting guidelines. I have a special guest today who is an expert in guest posting. Let us all welcome Pooja.

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Minal: So Pooja, why these guest posting guidelines have become so specific?

Pooja: In a day, a webmaster gets hundreds of guest posting requests and pitches, which makes it impossible for them to go through all of them. This is the reason they implement a basic guideline, which can make their work easier. 


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Minal: Can you take us through the basic guidelines offered by these bloggers for guest posting?

Pooja: Yes, most bloggers want error-free and high-quality content for their blog. Besides, some bloggers ask for articles with specific word count or a particular number of images or image sizes, etc.


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Minal: Even I have been doing blogger outreach for quite some time now and one of the policies that I have faced is that the author demands to have a track record of writing great content. So, how can I deal with that if I’m a fresher?

Pooja: Most new authors don’t have a track record of writing new content. That’s not an issue since you can always request the blogger to allow you to write unique content for them. 


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Minal: In the content guideline, some of them also mention editing guidelines, that they will change the content according to them. Then what if they change the keyword that you add in the content?

Pooja: In that case, you should try to add the keywords in your content very naturally, and it shouldn’t look like they have been forced within the content.


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Minal: Sometimes, they also mention that they will give a no-follow link for free, but in case of a do-follow link, it is paid. What to do with it?

Pooja: In that case, you can convince them to give a do-follow link and if they deny, you can offer them an extra article with 1000+ words that will add some value to their site. In this case, most of the bloggers agree. 


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Minal: There are times when I’m asked to provide content written by experts. How do I deal with such a scenario?

Pooja: You can first write 5-6 articles on reputed websites to build an author profile and reach out for guest posting. Otherwise, you can seek expert help to write articles.


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Minal: Do you want to share any other information related to these choosy guest posting guidelines?

Pooja: A few bloggers are very particular about the content they want on their site. Some want you to create a table of contents, and some want you to provide your Gravatar account. I’d recommend you to create a good social profile to develop trust and authority. 

Minal: So, what we’ve learned so far is that webmasters get tons of email every day, and to reach out to them, you need to be unique. Your outreach content shouldn’t sound promotional and must contain links that are placed naturally. 

Also, new bloggers shouldn’t shy away from asking these high-authority sites to give them an opportunity to write original content. I think these insights are beneficial for anyone who wants to do guest blogging properly.