There are many bloggers out there who are very money-minded and will only work with us in return for payment. So, in today’s discussion, I, Reshma, will learn from Sneha how to deal with such bloggers when it comes to guest posting.


Time Stamp: 00:16-02:12

Reshma: How do you pitch money-minded bloggers?

Sneha: I’m sure we all have come across such bloggers while pitching for guest posts. So, when it comes to these bloggers, the only way to deal with them is to make them understand the value of your content and how it can benefit their website by generating organic traffic and increasing revenue. You need to tell them that the content you are producing is worth more than the money they are charging.


Time Stamp: 02:16-03:07

Reshma: In some cases, bloggers ask for link backs to their site. So, how do we convince them to post without a link back?

Sneha: This is something that some bloggers will ask. In this situation, if you don’t want to link back to them, you might offer them to write one or two additional pieces of content instead. Hopefully, this will work for them. 


Time Stamp: 03:11-04:33

Reshma: Sometimes, we pitch bloggers to post on a site with a good DA, but sometimes, they will post the content to a completely irrelevant or spammy site, and on top of that, they will stop replying. What can we do in this regard?

Sneha: This is incredibly heartbreaking. In this case, you can offer to write another blog post and request them to add it to the one for which you have approached. If that doesn’t work, you better disavow the one that is published in the poor DA/spammy site. 


Time Stamp: 04:38-05:07

Reshma: At times, bloggers post our content in high DA sites but don’t give us backlinks, what should our approach be to such cases?

Sneha: In that case, we should first try to convince the blogger to give a backlink, and if they disagree, you shouldn’t get disheartened and instead focus on brand mentions. 


Time Stamp: 05:11-06:06

Reshma: Also, a few bloggers ask us to provide many details, but at the end of the day, they refuse to publish our guest post or say that they are not interested. What should we do then?

Sneha: An authoritative writer will spend a lot of time in writing and compiling a guest post for a high-authority site. When such a piece of content gets rejected despite being very informative and elaborate, you shouldn’t think that your hard work has gone down the drain, you should take the opportunity to repurpose your guest post for some other site.