When a Digital Agency Should Say NO to a Client and How to Do It

By:  Samridhi Bhatia

September 1, 2022

Many a digital agency has a “customer is constantly right” attitude. It’s incredible to be client-centered, yet guiding your whole digital agency to meet each customer’s impulse is a decent approach to add stress, dysfunction, and failure to your office ventures.

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Once in a while, you need to say “no.” Perhaps you don’t have the labor, the hours, or the skills to deliver what a customer needs. It’s all right to say “no” as long as you handle it well.

When to say ‘no’ to a client at a digital agency

There’s not a very clear line between saying no and saying yes. What seems like striving to do your best may sometimes mean that you’re overdoing. To choose if a customer is a solid match for the organization, have a go at putting forth these imperative inquiries:

Is the client ideal for you?

Before you take on new customers, you have to build up what a perfect customer looks like for your digital agency.

Would you like to focus on a specific industry? Would you want to work with organizations that are a definite size? What are your warnings or non-negotiables?

When you have set up what a perfect customer looks like, you can better decide if it is a smart thought to take on a new customer.

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There are some genuine, all-inclusive warnings to look for that could show a customer will be risky.

Customers that are questionable straight from the start of correspondence are ones to maintain a strategic distance from.

If you can’t get a reaction or they don’t set aside a few minutes to examine the task, it indicates the absence of duty and dependability.

Another warning is a customer who has far-fetched desires or needs to negotiate a price that is way too low.

Have you achieved success in their industry?

Toward the start of correspondence with a new, potential customer, set aside the time to comprehend their industry.

On the off chance that the business is unique to your agency, this may be a period when you need to say “no” for both your benefit.

It can be hard to turn down new business, yet going up against a customer that you can’t serve appropriately will end in catastrophe.

Ask yourself, “have we had success in this industry earlier?” If the appropriate response is no, reevaluate going up against another customer.

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It bodes well for every office to characterize the business or enterprises they need to seek after. Spreading the office too thin crosswise over excessively diverse businesses will guarantee that nobody turns into a specialist in any one zone.

Finding a focused group of customers inside a smaller pool of industry is the ideal approach to serve them. When you recognize your specialty, it will be somewhat less demanding to dismiss customers that are outside your domain of aptitude.

Is it a big budget you’re going to handle?

The extent of the budget will change contingent upon your particular office. However, it’s best to characterize what is the smallest budget you can permit.

At the point when challenges are out of control, it can entice you to take a low-ball offer since some cash is superior to none. The issue with that mentality is that you could stall out in low-wage work.

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Likewise, mull over if their financial plan is sufficient to finish the work they want. This returns to keeping desires practical.

On the off chance that a customer needs you to perform more work, yet not pay the premium, it’s an excellent opportunity to proceed onward to an alternate customer.

If you are aware of a digital agency willing to work inside their spending confinements, tell the customer.

Is their request within the formerly agreed scope of work?

Regardless of whether you have characterized a project toward the start, there will dependably be customers that need to roll out improvements in the middle of the venture. This isn’t a significant issue, yet it must be taken care of successfully.

On the off chance that a customer requests that you roll out major mid-venture improvements, be sure to charge them for extra services. Doing work for free depreciates your digital agency.

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On the off chance that for reasons unknown you choose not to charge more, at any rate, tell the customer that you are making a particular case for them. Indeed, even quote an exact price so they can see the funds they are saving.

Some friction can be avoided away if all terms, as unmistakably stating marketing procedures you will utilize, are laid out toward the start of the project. Layout to the customer that anything extra will accompany an additional charge.

Does it add value for your client?

As an official to your digital agency, your fundamental obligation lies with keeping both the agency and customers productive.

Once in a while what will work won’t fulfill the customer, yet it will make them successful. Assess all activities with the inquiry, “Does it increase the value of the customer?”

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A typical thing for customers to do is go to an agency with something they have seen somewhere else and requested a variation.

Your activity as the executive is to distinguish the important messages from whatever the customer brings you, and after that shape that into something new that fits the customer better.

At times this implies saying “no” to the idea the customer brings you. Customers have contacted you since you are the executive and they value your gut feeling. Clarify your thinking for the “no,” and there is less inclined to be friction.

Our Conclusion

If you get acquainted with a client who might be asking for a bit too much or just does not fit your portfolio, it is a good idea to say no to them.

Digital marketing is a fast-moving, specialized field and both agencies and clients should always be on the same page regarding projects.

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This way, both you and your client will benefit from each other’s honesty without anyone deceiving the other.

Remember, credibility goes a long way than having a huge number of clients you are unable to cater to.


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