The marketing industry, in general, has evolved into a globally encompassing entity. It has become more complex and has provided a broader and broader range of options to the businesses to reach their customers and even potential customers on a global scale.

This has been possible because of the latest digital marketing techniques that have been used by most of the businesses.

Digital marketing in itself is a comprehensive term that covers many aspects including PPC, SEO, content, social media, and much more.

However, with this broad area also come the myths that the people and businesses share. These digital marketing myths and misconceptions are widespread and believing them might lead to the failure of your digital marketing efforts.

If you’re a business owner looking to leverage digital marketing to grow your business, then it’s essential that you stay away from these digital marketing myths.

Here are some of the most common digital marketing myths that you must stay away from.

Common Digital marketing Myths

1. SEO is dead or no longer important

There’s a buzz among many people that SEO is now dead. This common notion among people has been doing rounds because Google has changed the way it ranks websites entirely over the past few years.

However, it’s far from the actual truth. SEO is very much alive and is an important part of any digital marketing strategy.

It’s true that Google has changed the way it ranks the websites, but it’s only to keep the old spammy SEO techniques away.

SEO techniques - A False Digital Marketing Myths

The number of searches that people do nowadays is higher than it has ever been, which means that the need for SEO is now more than it had ever been. Even though Social Media has strongly emerged, users are continuing to use search engines to find anything about a product or brand.

Therefore, good SEO techniques in your website and content are always useful and can be a deciding factor in how search engines rank them.

Additionally, good SEO techniques also help you improve your brand awareness by making your brand visible to the people in the search results. This is why SEO is very important, and it’s crucial for you to take it very seriously.

2. Owning a website is enough for digital marketing

This is another popular digital marketing myth that people generally believe in, although this is not true. Maybe this was the case when the internet started becoming a thing, but today it’s not the case.

Today, you will find all the businesses have their websites, which has made it very difficult to stay ahead in the competition.

It doesn’t matter if your website is a visual delight, but if it doesn’t contain good content updated regularly, then it might not provide the results you are looking for.

If you want to attain success in digital marketing, you need to make sure that apart from being a visual delight your website also must contain engaging content.

You also need to make sure that the website you own is new, runs on the latest technology, and is available on all the platforms that people use to browse.

As the online market is going through constant evolution and turning into a dynamic marketplace, online users look for the latest information. They will bounce back from websites that have static content existing from years.

This is why it’s essential that you focus on your website and keep it updated all the time with intriguing content. Furthermore, you also need to measure the success you get from the website.

You can use various tools like Google Analytics or any other analytics tool to get a better idea of how you can improve.

3. Digital marketing is only successful if you get good traffic

There is a vast difference between getting traffic and getting the right kind of traffic, especially when you’re into digital marketing.

While most of the people have the belief that having traffic would help their digital marketing strategies, the truth is far from it.

To have a successful digital marketing campaign, you need to get the right amount of traffic to your website or the content.

Now think of a scenario where you get almost a thousand visitors on your website or content out of which only five turned into leads. That’s a meager percentage of visitors converting into leads right?

Now think of another scenario where you get only 300 visitors on your website in a day, but out of them, ten people turn leads.

Looks good right? So, you need to understand that more traffic doesn’t mean that you’ll generate more leads. Instead, the right kind of traffic leads to the generation of more leads.

This is why it’s recommended that instead of targeting for more traffic, you need to focus on reaching the right kind of people looking for the products and services that you offer. This will lead to a successful digital marketing campaign.

4. Content marketing isn’t important

This is again a top digital marketing myth that’s doing round among the people and the businesses.

Most people tend to think that once you design good content and an excellent website to go with it, all your work is done. However, that’s not the truth.

As mentioned in the previous points, content is as relevant as the website. People visit your website for the content, not for the visual treats that your website provides them.

You need to make sure that your content is intriguing and addressed to your potential customers. Also, you need to update your website with good content regularly so that people continue visiting your website.

It not only helps in increasing the traffic of your website, but it also helps in creating brand awareness and turning people into leads.

There are many content marketing tools available online nowadays and you can use them to frame a good content marketing strategy.

5. Digital marketing can bring in overnight success

This is another digital marketing myths that people popularly believe in. While some methods, like PPC ads and Facebook ads, might have a short-term effect on your digital marketing efforts, achieving overnight success from digital marketing is far from the truth.

Digital marketing generally takes time to be effective. For instance, if you post content on your website, Google takes some time to index it, and then rank is based on the SEO techniques you use.

After that comes to link building and at last, comes social sharing and other methods.

All these techniques, starting from getting indexed in search engines, to getting shared in social media takes time. This is why it’s recommended that you should be patient until you reach the results.

People tend to fall for the digital marketing myths and get easily disappointed when they don’t get desired results quickly.

This is where you need to act smart and give your digital marketing strategies some time to take effect. If it doesn’t work out, you can change your approach easily and look for alternates.


Digital marketing is a vast field that covers a wide range of techniques. Unless you try each of them, you cannot precisely know what works for you and what not.

Digital marketing is a boon to be embraced in the present day inter-connected world, and there’s no reason to stay away from it. There are many things to consider here, but it’s effective and brings returns in the long run.

However, when things are not going your way, it’s easier to fall prey to these myths. This is why you need to be careful and stay away from the myths that are mentioned above in the article.

If you know some other common digital marketing myths were doing rounds, please mention them in the comments below.