Don’t Be Penny Wise and Pound Foolish With These 8 Guest Posting Mistakes

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Content marketing has seen a steady growth with the most commonly used method that most of us know as Guest Posting. Businesses binge on this method to build links, increase search visibility, referral traffic, and increasing brand visibility.


However, not everything that looks glossy on the outside comes easy; you need to be prepared for the highs and the lows that come along with it. Some of us get so carried away in the daily grind that we forget the nuances that can cost you and your guest posts as well! You don’t want your efforts being compromised, and that’s why it’s good to take time to do your research and think things through.

There’s a reason why some guest posts fare better than their competitors, and you definitely want to know how that’s possible. If you hope to see the numbers rising on your user base, stay clear of these deadly mistakes:

1. Setting unrealistic / no goals

Before you even go ahead with your campaign, you want to have a blueprint in place. Having unrealistic goals, or no goals whatsoever, can cost you time and effort. You can’t compromise on your goals if you need to build user traffic. Say, if you’re rooting for a specific keyword, your content needs to justify that by creating a write-up that revolves around it.

Start by having your content published on blogs that rank for keywords in a particular niche, and which have a high metric score, like Trust Flow, Domain Authority, Page Rank. That being said, if you’re looking for richer outreach and increased user traffic, you want to put your money on blogs that already have a huge fan following.

2. Don’t try breaking barriers with the blog’s guidelines

You don’t want to mess things up by overlooking the crucial guidelines of a blog you’re targeting. Ignore this and you’re already on your way out. In fact, the guidelines will help you come up with an ideal post for that blog. Information such as what to do and what to leave out from your post will help you deliver content that’s perfectly aligned to the blog’s metrics.

Most blogs will only publish your contributions if they are flawless and true to the guidelines. You want to make sure that you have lapped up their do’s and don’ts thoroughly before sending it across. However, in the event that the blog doesn’t have a set guideline in place, make sure you read through the existing posts to get a feel of what they are looking for in terms of writing style, linking policies, and of the sorts.

3. Not knowing your audience


It’s customary that before you get down to writing, you understand who you’re writing for –Who’s your audience? Unless you understand your audience and their preferences, guest posting won’t be doing justice. It’s the very same theory that holds well in the blogging community.When you’re posting on someone else’s blog, your audience might differ, and so will their preferences.

This is challenging, but not impossible. All you got to do is align your posts to the blogger’s audience and not your current audience. Say, you provide B2B services, but now you want to take the plunge by taking it to consumers as well. To make this work, you’ll need to tweak your approach, and make sure you write with the new audience in mind, which are consumers, and not businesses.

4. Don’t recycle your content

If you’re thinking since it isn’t your blog, you can go easy with the quality of content you submit, think again! Quality can’t be compromised on any account; the texture, tonality, and presentation of your content needs to be sublime and top-notch.

Guest posting is a way of driving traffic to your website or blog and see them converted. That’s not going to be possible without exemplary content that your audience will find useful. Unless there’s something on your post that’s helpful and informative, people wouldn’t be interested in exploring your handy work.

5. Not giving enough time and ample prospects

Guest posting doesn’t happen overnight! It demands time, in fact, a whole load of time that could stretch over days or weeks. Don’t be surprised if you don’t get a response at the get-go; publishing a post takes time. Give adequate time, and while you’re waiting for a response, make sure you’re also keeping busy outreaching to other blogs.

It takes about 4 to 6 weeks to get a blog published. Don’t lose hope; keep writing, and make new connections with other bloggers while you’re at it.

6. Follow up with emails

Your task doesn’t end with sending across your blog post; you need to follow up with an email if you don’t hear from the blogger. Remember, they are dealing with hundreds and thousands of guest posts, and it’s possible that yours got overlooked.

There’s no harm and checking on the status after about two weeks or so; just be sure not to spam the blogger.

7. Not responding to comments

So you think it’s done and dusted after you have submitted an amazing post? Absolutely not! The real deal demands that you stick around to respond to comments and participate in discussions. You can’t disappear into thin air when somebody has taken the trouble to leave you a comment. Furthermore, here’s the chance for you to get up, close, and personal with your audience. It’s a fantastic way of building relationship and establishing trust.

8. Being laidback with maintaining records

Make sure you keep a detailed record of your blog posts – blog title, date of submission, URL, contact details, Page Rank, Domain Authority, and much more, and yes, also the date it was published. It’s a great way to understand what works and what doesn’t, and you want to work around it. You need to iron out and perfect your posts in such a way that they generate the maximum user traffic.

Make your guest post worth every penny!

Guest posting is big business when you do it right by taking preventive measures and going through the right means. Anything that you do or don’t will be held against you, so you want to be cautious, while being able to take risks to makes sure your work transforms from ordinary to extraordinary.

Unless your guest post stands bold and tall from the rest, there’s only a small chance that people are going to notice it. Understand your target audience and cater to their needs with a flawless, put-together, informative, and alluring content. You want to package your guest post in such a way that it attracts the maximum user traffic with legible, fluid content.

It’s definitely great if you find comments because it shows that people are interested and might even want to connect with you – great for business, don’t you think?

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