Hi everyone, I am Chethana, and today we have with us Akash, who is a senior SEO expert and a blogger outreach specialist at Stan ventures. Today, we will discuss how to find websites for guest posting. 


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Chethana: I’ve heard that you’ve posted a large number of guest posts for Stan Ventures. Could you help us with the method that you follow to find these guest posting sites? What my team does right now is get on Google and type “list of guest posting sites”, which isn’t giving them the niche sites they are looking for. Can you explain why?

Akash: Well, the method your team is following is relevant to common niches like health and travel. But for niches that aren’t very common to the industry, this method might not be entirely relevant and might need to use other techniques as well. 


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Chethana: Did you use any specific tools to find these sites?

Akash: We majorly use three tools: Ahref, SEMRush, and BuzzSumo. The thing is you must track your competitors. For example, if you are focusing on the US market, then you have to monitor your top three competitors in the US and analyze their backlinks by extracting them through the tools I mentioned earlier. Once you have all the data, you can filter out the list as per your requirement and get a filtered list of 300-400 websites that you can use to pitch websites in your niche. Among the three tools, BuzzSumo is the easiest to use.


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Chethana: Some small website owners cannot afford expensive tools like Ahrefs or SEMRush, so how can they find out guest posting sites?

Akash: Yes, it is not everyone’s cup of tea to afford these tools. People can utilize Google to find guest post websites. Let me tell you how. For example, go to Google and within square brackets, write your niche followed by the term “guest posting”. This will help you find a list of guest posting sites in your niche.


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Chethana: True, we use square brackets for exact match types. Do you have a specific template that you use for such searches?

Akash: There are endless search queries like that. We have a blog on Stan Ventures where we have shared exactly how you can play with keywords and search terms to find guest posting sites in your niche.


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Chethana: Is there any other way to find guest posting sites?

Akash: Have you ever tried finding guest posting sites using the author’s name? Well, let me tell you the trick. Say we have an author at Stan Ventures named Dileep Thekkethil. Just go to Google Search, write “Author: Dileep Thekkethil”, and you find a list of his articles written on the web for guest posting sites. Since he is an expert in SEO content, you can use the data to target the same sites for guest posting.

Apart from all the techniques I’ve mentioned so far, there’s one more easy technique that I’d like to share. So, go to Google Search, write something like “SEO trends 2020” or “Latest Updates in SEO”, you will get results from Search Engine Land or SEO Roundtable in the top positions. Of course, it is hard to reach out to these blogs, but you can go to the third or fourth-page results and reach out to the bloggers you find there.


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Chethana: Apart from the Google Search engine, is there any other platform that I can use to pitch bloggers?

Akash: Of course, you can utilize social media for that. When people share content related to a niche using hashtags, you can use the same to discover sites that publish such content. For SEO blogs, you can go to search mode on Twitter and type SEO to find content related to the same.