How to Get Link Clicks Without Ranking on the Top

By:  Samridhi Bhatia

Updated On: September 1, 2022

You all have learned that you will get link clicks on your website, and increase website traffic fast only when it appears at the top position on Google.

Well, this is true, but only in some ways. Numerous SEO companies are present to help you organically rank your website.

However, it’s a time-consuming activity, and it doesn’t guarantee you due to high competition.

Ways to get link clicks without ranking on the top

There are possibilities to get instant website traffic on your website without ranking in the top position. In addition to this, you can also increase the click-through rate.

From some studies, it has been reported that the website, which is ranked on the first get the maximum number of visitors.

On the other hand, the websites in different positions get only 2 to 3% of the traffic. Well, this doesn’t make much difference. All you need do is to get most out of the ranking you are on, and get traffic.

Ways To Get Link Clicks Without Ranking On The Top


Read out the ways given below to learn the ways of getting more hits on Google without being in the top ranking position.

Measure the CTR

Each industry receives certain CTR, so measure the average CTR for your industry to set the targets accordingly. The CTR of a financial industry and a technology industry is always different.

The difference in CTR varies with the type of industry, whether it’s a B2B or B2C. It’s said that the industries which are B2B, usually get higher CTR in comparison to the B2C.

For this reason, keep in mind to set the benchmark of CTR accordingly.

Measure the CTR

Let’s take an example to understand it better!

If the average CTR of your industry is 2.1%, then make sure that your goal should not be 3%.

Check the relevancy of your content

The primary objective of search engines like Google is to satisfy the query of searchers.

If your website can do this, then it’ll add up to a quality of your website. For this reason, your content influences the searcher to click on your webpage tremendously.

No matter whether you’re not ranking in the first position, the search would find your site interesting. This would make him click on it.

The first thing that’ll come in the notice is the title of the page, and the meta description. If searchers find your title attractive, then he will definitely click on it.

When it comes to the SEO, you can add the keywords to the title. Keep in mind that the length of your shouldn’t be more than 60 characters.

Include the Publishing date to get Link Clicks

If you’re adding the date on which you publish the content, it also works for you.

Usually, people prefer to read the recent contents over the older once. This is because they want to read fresh information. If the published date is learned, you’ll get the clicks.

When you type a query the search box on the web, you’ll get a number of results. Some websites will have published dates, and some won’t have.

You’ll usually prefer the ones with dates. So, always add the publishing date to your content to get link clicks.

Structure your content in Google Featured Snippets

The new feature of Google shows the snippets when people ask some question or searches for any information.

If you can answer any of the queries in a single paragraph or a tabular form, then your content would have the chances to get featured on Google Snippets.

Get Featured On Google Snippets

Well, one of the most important things that you need to do is to organize your content correctly.

This is because, if your content has a proper structure, Google would easily observe it and feature you in the snippets.

There’s no doubt that the sites on the third or fourth position can also get featured on snippets because it depends on the quality of your content.

Final Words

Above are some of the ways to get clicks on your content irrespective of your position. Trying optimizing the CTR of your websites can lead to getting link clicks and improving the traffic on your website.

In addition to this, it would improve the rankings of your website. Once you implement all these things, gauge the traffic. If the traffic is increasing with time, this means that you’re doing it correctly.


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