Listen to this insightful audio podcast featuring Senthil Kumar, VP of Digital Marketing, Stan Ventures and Haroon Rashid, Digital Marketing Manager, Stan Ventures, where they speak about the best practices we follow to get maximum approval for guest posting service with minimum efforts.


Time Stamp: 0:34-02:58

Haroon: People have started guest posting, but a major challenge for them is to get approval from editors. Can you help the SEO community with the ways to ensure maximum approval?

Senthil: First of all, any guest post shouldn’t talk about your business or your service. Editors don’t like promotional emails when they are approached for the first time. So when you pitch to them, it should be about the value that you can provide them through your content. This will definitely keep your conversation going. All the matters related to quality link building can come later. At Stan Ventures, we have been following this method for years, and hence, we’ve been able to receive a high success rate compared to others in the industry.

Time Stamp:03:14-05:35

Haroon: Is there any shortcut or tool that you can recommend to the community to carry out guest posting activities faster?

Senthil: Yes, you can use tools like Ahrefs, Ubersuggest, and SEMRush to deep dive on the competitors and find where these sites are getting links from and whether those sites are accepting guest posts. A quicker way to do that is to filter them out in the URLs. Most people refrain from using the term ”guest post” on their site, so you can conduct an online search by author name or using terms like “submission” or “submission guidelines.” 

Once you discover these sites, you have to follow the guidelines and figure out the posts that are accepted and then you can go ahead, and pitch your content ideas in the same niche. 

Time Stamp: 06:06-09:54

Haroon: Do you really think the templates that are used to pitch bloggers for guest posting works?

Senthil: Every day, webmasters get bombarded with thousands of pitches with the same templates and the moment they see these typical pitches, they tend to ignore it. Webmasters are already aware of what you want from them, so cut to the chase and be honest in your approach. At Stan Ventures, we approach webmasters with topics that we are already ranking for and offer to write something similar for their site to help them rank.

If you can give a data-driven pitch, you’ll be able to convince them successfully. So, try to convince a webmaster on the lines of how much traffic his site can gain because of your content. This is how we have been successful in convincing webmasters – by showing them the traffic potential of our content.

Time Stamp: 10:50-14:25

Haroon: After putting all the efforts to pitch and create content, sometimes the content still gets rejected. How can we make sure that this doesn’t happen at the final stage? 

Senthil: Ensure that you don’t write a sales copy, but quality content. Your content should not sound like you are promoting something. Additionally, you should maintain the niche for which you are writing. The content should make sense for the audience who is reading that. Referral traffic always gets higher conversion rates than any other means. Like how influencer marketing works, when a particular website publishes a guest post by you and if people seem to like it, only then they will come to your site.

Time Stamp:15:03-16:23

Haroon: Does showing my author credibility improve my chances of being accepted as a guest author to very high authoritative sites?

Senthil: Absolutely. When you are showing that your previous content has done well to a webmaster, then you are also increasing your credibility as an author. This will make the webmaster think that the guy has contributed valuable pieces of content in the past, and he will contribute something valuable for my site as well. This will improve your acceptance rate for guest posts.