Google Halloween Update:

Aren’t the SEOs afraid to go to bed? Because, when they go to sleep and get up the next day, there is an algorithm update that gives nightmare even when the eyes are wide open.

From the beginning of this month, we have been hearing a lot about the Google algorithm update that rolled out on Halloween night, speculated as ‘Google Halloween Update’. It seems to be a significant update as it’s gaining much hype day by day among the digital marketers.

We came across a lot of chatter about the same on WebmasterWorld, Twitter and forums, which suggests that it’s a notable update.

Though we saw a number of complaints from the SEO people, Google has not yet official released any statement regarding the niche it has targeted.

Here are a few chatters that were seen on the WebmasterWorld and other forums:

Seoroundtable - Chats on Webmaster World
Source: Seoroundtable

To believe the news of Google Halloween update, here are the automated tracking tools which show evince of changes:


Google Halloween update - SERPMetrics

Advanced Web Rankings:

Google Halloween update - Advanced Web Rankings


Google Halloween update - Mozcast


Google Halloween update - Algoroo


Google Halloween update - SEMRush

What did Google Halloween update target?

Though a number of SEO writers have mentioned about the latest Google algorithm update, they haven’t mentioned the niche it targeted. So, our team of experts at Stan Ventures have put in commendable efforts to find out the sites affected by it.

According to our research, the Google Halloween update primly targeted the sites which are click-baiting the users by redirecting them to the sales page.

As we are about to witness ‘Black Friday’ and ‘Cyber Monday’ in the coming weeks, there will be a lot of offers on the e-commerce sites. Thus, a few sites are trying to acquire the users by redirecting them to products page as part of affiliate marketing.

The screenshot shows you the offers on the day

Black Friday Search Results

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are regarded as two biggest marketing days in the U.S.

Cyber Monday Search Results

Here’s an example of site which suffered a drop in the traffic as it was redirecting the users.

Drop in traffic due irrelevant redirection of URL

And the below show the drastic drop in the traffic after the Google Halloween update.

Drop in the traffic after the Google Halloween update


Google Algorithm Update, 27th September: Earlier, we had reported another Google search algorithm update that was released on September 27, 2018. As it was just a speculation from fully managed SEO professionals then, later Google’s Danny Sullivan has confirmed it through Twitter that Google made a small update in the week.

Because the Google celebrated its 20th anniversary on the same day of the update, it can be called as the Google Birthday Update.

Danny Sullivan mentioned in his tweet that, Google hasn’t done any major changes in the algorithm update recently but have released a smaller update this week.

What’s the smaller update?

According to the discussions we reported in our last article, the digital marketers feel it a small update as they encountered minimal fluctuations in the SERP rankings and traffic.

Though you may not feel the same if it has affected your site badly, you have got to trust Google when it says as ‘Smaller update”. Google Birthday update didn’t affect as many websites as it did during its previous giant algorithm updates.

However, we described the same on Saturday that it didn’t seem as big as Google medic August update which comparatively blown up the stats of numerous websites especially the YMYL (Your Money or Your Life) sites. Moreover, so you should believe that it’s small when Google confirms it as a ‘Smaller’ update.

Regardless of the discussions, depending upon the analytics of various websites, some feel it as big update and some as small, and some even feel it’s the reversal of Google medic update. However, Google didn’t provide any clarifications on the same.

Here are some proofs of those who believe it’s a small update.


Is it really the reversal of Google Medic update?

I have come across many social media and online communities debating on whether this update is a reversal of medic update.

It may have been true for few and false for others. However, I also happened to notice that some sites that were hit by Medic update were unfortunately hit by Google Birthday update too.

However, some of the websites have improved their rankings and the traffic whose proof is in the screenshots of the previous article. So, we don’t have anything to decide on until Google confirms the criteria it released the update on.


According to our research, it’s a smaller update as Google confirmed because I have seen the huge unfavorable results that one can’t imagine when it releases giant updates like a medic update.

However, the sites which are hit now are hit bad, and they are confused to figure out the criteria Google chose to hit them. Do drop in your comments below and keep a track on us as we bring you more updates on the same.