Here’s How to Get Optimized for Google’s Featured Snippets!

By:  Samridhi Bhatia

Updated On: March 24, 2023

All internet marketers learn that getting ranked on Google’s first page is a beautiful thing that strikes like gold.

When your website comes on Google’s top results, your target is achieved to get your business popular among people through a search engine.

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It’s true that for the Internet marketers, Google featured snippets are one of the best opportunities to rank higher than the competitor’s on the first page, and increasing the views on the page.

However, are you guys aware of the thing what a Google’s Featured Snippet is?

Well, featured snippets are the tools, which are created by Google. Google Snippets Internal Tool delivers the answers to the query of the searchers’ in the best way possible.

Basically, the text appears in points and seems like a direct answer to the question asked.

These snippets are displayed in the search results when the searchers enter some specific question.

Let’s discuss with the help of a featured snippet example!

If you type “SEO Tools” into the Google search box, you’ll see that there would be a number of items coming on the screen.

In the search engine results, the first two results will be the ads that would give the primary exposure to them.

Before other results, there’ll be a box in which “24 Free and Easy SEO Tools” in bold along with its definition. This box is called as the Google’s featured snippet box.


Google Featured Snippet

However, there’s the fact that there could be some search queries, for which the snippet box will appear on the top, and no ads will be there.

This means that there are no marketers, which are advertising for those terms.


Google search snippet preview

In the above Google search snippet preview, you can see that we have entered “Why the sky is blue?” Moreover, the answer in the snippet box is coming on the top and undoubtedly will drive the huge traffic.

Let us clarify one thing that Google Snippet is not a paid thing. It’s completely genuine and organic.

It’s not easy to rank higher than such search result because this ranking of such results is considered to be “zero” on the first google custom search results page. In these results, searchers’ will get the answer to their question, without clicking any link.

Ways to Optimize for Google Featured Snippets!

You might be thinking that what you need to do for ranking higher in the snippet box. This is why we’re providing you with the tips that would help you in boosting your old and odd pages.

1. Search and Answer for right questions

There are a number of people who usually search for questions like “What are the best tools for SEO?”. Not only this, almost 20 percent of people use the answer coming in the Google’s featured snippet on first search engine result pages.

So, one of the best ways to improve the rankings of the odd posts and appear in the snippet box is to answer the questions related to your products. The questions you can add the questions like How to, What is, Why, How do, How does.

There are a number of tools such as SerpStat that would help you to figure out what sort of questions customers can generally search. You can also use Google by just typing the phrase for which you want to explore.

However, when you type “How do Internet Marketing,” you’ll see that Google with automatically complete the sentence by displaying the questions like “How does Internet Marketing work,” “how does internet marketing help businesses,” and other.

2. Focus and Target the pages having higher ranks

If any of your pages are ranking well on Google? If yes, then you can use those pages to get rank for Google Snippet Box. For instance, it could be possible that you’re ranking on top for a particular keyword phrase “Top SEO Tools in 2017.”

If you want to multiply your results to get a position in Google Snippet, you can use such pages. In some cases, if your pages are already ranking in the top five positions for a keyword; no matter short tail or long tail.

It would make it much easier for you to optimize your webpage for Google Featured Snippets.

After identifying the pages with higher rankings, look out for the questions what people may ask about the topic using the tools.

Doing this, you can easily rework on your contents for including those questions. If you aren’t able to answer the questions, your article won’t get into the Google Snippet Box.

3. Produce Content with high-quality

Similar to traditional SEO, in this also, you need to provide a good piece of content to the target audience for getting the results.

An article that can answer all the queries of people is the one having the high-quality. You all learn that the content should be engaging and interesting.

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high quality content
Quality  Content

So, to produce such an article, you can add images and videos of high quality. In addition to this, you can infuse the content by adding the stories. Stories capture the interest and engage your audience.

Not all the content of the website comes in the Google Snippets, and you should add only the short text providing an answer to a search query.

4. Add more sections

The companies and the firms get a wonderful opportunity of elevating the content to their websites using the Google Snippets.

Well, some of the companies are making good use of this opportunity and are adding a section that is entirely on the basis of questions.

It could be FAQ’s, a blog section with How to, and many other. However, make sure that the issues are relevant having the high-quality, and are about your products and services.


5. Videos are the opportunities

There are a number of brands that are targeting to optimize their websites for Google Featured Snippets.

However, they are missing an important thing, called Video.

With changing times, the demand for YouTube videos is increasing. YouTube videos usually get more engagement as compared to text and images.

video snippets
Video snippets

For this reason, if you’ll add both the things, the text and the videos on a specific topic, your content would easily appear on the top of the page.

Here, we are providing you with some ideas and tips that would help you to attain the “zeroth position” on Google.

1] Add the relevant title of the video:

Well, when it comes to adding the title, use the question as to the title of the video.

2] Creating a voice transcript:

If you add the voice transcript, the chances of ranking higher get increases. Google usually pull the content directly from the transcript. If you do not include this, it won’t be easy for you to rank.

Final Words to Rank in Google Featured Snippets Box!

Ranking well with featured snippets of Google, you need to make an amazing plan for inbound marketing.

If you implement the things given in this post, it will deliver huge traffic to your website and the views on your content, and brand awareness as well.

Not only this, you’ll be able to engage an audience, generate leads, and sales. However, achieving this goal isn’t easy because of a number of company’s dreams of getting this position.

After making the necessary changes, it would take the time of around months to see the results. All you need to do is to keep patience and wait for results.

Once you achieve the 0 positions, it would continue with the same position for a long time.

The given tips are for giving you the right direction to start working to rank higher, for increasing the Google snippets productivity.

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