Looking for the best ways to score perfectly on Google PageSpeed Insights? Then, you’re in the right place!

Google PageSpeed Insights for Desktop

The loading speed of your website is an essential part of SEO. It’s the first and the most important thing to be focused on after making your website visible to the audience.

No matter how great your website and its design is, if it’s taking a lot of time to load a page, it won’t be easy to retain people.

Google PageSpeed Insights for Mobile

A lot of efforts are required to make a website load faster. What if you’re getting traffic on your website, but due to its slower speed, they’re bouncing back before it’s even opened?

Here in this post, you’ll get to learn the ways to score perfectly on Google PageSpeed Insights.

PageSpeed Matters A lot!

It is clear that the algorithms of Google give importance to a website’s speed. When it comes to the ranking factors, the Bounce Rate, and how long the users are staying on your website matter a lot.

If the bounce rate for your website is higher, undoubtedly, it’ll affect the rankings. Having a good page speed will increase the chances of ranking higher in the search results.

Google PageSpeed Insights

Usually, people look for only the top ten results, so it’s considered that only such websites that are ranking on Google’s first page get organic traffic.

If your website is there on the first page, but taking around ten seconds to load completely, people will leave it and visit some other website.

A website that takes only three seconds or less to load is considered to be excellent. There could be several reasons behind lower page speed that may include the images, videos, codes, and other such elements.

Well, you can improve this ranking factor. All you need to do is put some efforts, and use tools like Google PageSpeed Insights. It’s a tool that Google provides you for free.

7 Ways to Improve the Google PageSpeed Insights Using Tool

Modification Images

When you run the Google PageSpeed Insights, what you’ll see is that an option comes at the bottom of the page to download the images that have been optimized.

You need to download the file available in the Zip format directly. Once you’re done with this, you need to upload the images to the correct location on your server.

Leverage Browser Caching

The caching of the browser saves your website’s copy in the browser of a user so that whenever you revisit the same site, it won’t load the content repeatedly.

The idea of caching the browser makes the process of loading easier and faster.

Google PageSpeed Insights

Usually what happens is that your browser takes a lot of time to load pages having images and too many HTML codes.

Caching remembers the resources about the website or the page that were loaded earlier.

It saves a lot of time and also increases the loading speed of any page. You can add the plugins, which are available on the internet for the browser cache.

Prioritize Visible Content

There’s always a part of the page that can be seen by you without scrolling down the page.

So, for increasing the efficiency of the page include the important and required code. This code would correctly render the content, which is already folded.

For this reason, it’s mandatory for you to give priority to content visible on your website.

Shorten the Response Time on Server

Whenever you experience that your website is taking time to load, make sure that your server is receiving only fewer requests.

This would improve the response time on the server. If you want to do this, the only thing that you could do is deduct the amount of JavaScript and CSS files so as to improve its performance. In addition to this, there’s a requirement of the web host.

Google PageSpeed Insights

Trim the code of HTML

There’s no doubt that you use HTML to code your website, and it takes a lot of time and space which directly affects the rankings.

So, you need to remove the data which you don’t require any more for trimming the HTML code. Removing such unnecessary data would help you score 100% on Google PageSpeed Insights; since it would shorten the HTML code.

Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

These days, more than 70% of the world is using the internet on their smartphones. For this reason, it has now become more important to optimize any website for making it mobile friendly.

Once you’re successful in making your website mobile friendly, nothing can stop you from getting 100 out of 100 on Google PageSpeed Insights.

Google PageSpeed Insights

It is clear that Google is a big family, and Google PageSpeed Insights is nothing, but a part of it.

Even though you’ll see the speed of the page on this tool, it doesn’t consider any other factors, which play an equal role in the search engine optimization of a website.

Page Speed is one of the important factors of SEO. Not only this, it has a lot of importance in building the reputation of the company. So, make sure that you never compromise on it.

Enable Compression

When it comes to enabling the compression, you would find a number of plugins for making your work easier.

Everyone has the access to edit the files that you have in the settings of your server for enabling the compression.

Google PageSpeed Insights

It’s a little more technical, and for doing this, you need to have an excellent technical support team. However, it’s only when you’re struggling with implementing the changes on your own.


These are the scripts of Google which can help you in scoring 100/100 for your website’s page score.

Whatever scripts you require for the Google Analytics load externally. So, if you’re using these features, you need to make sure that you’re loading them internally as well.

Google Page Speed Insights isn’t the actual measure of checking how quickly your website is loading. This comes in some of the specific facets of optimization.

For this reason, implement these ways to fix the warnings, which are responsible for slower load time, and for the optimization of your website.