SEO On-Air: Guest Post Vs. Blogger Outreach: Is There a Difference?

By:  Shreoshe Ghosh

August 30, 2022

Hello everyone, I’m Akash from Stan Ventures, I’m a senior SEO strategist here. Today we are going to discuss the difference between guest post and blogger outreach. We’ve invited Swati today to discuss this topic, and she is a senior outreach specialist at Stan Ventures. 


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Akash: Many people don’t know the difference between blogger outreach and guest posting. Can you elaborate on the difference?

Swati: Guest post is writing a blog post on a high-authority website. It is a great way to connect with new readers and build an author profile along with enjoying the benefits of getting link juice to their own site. Sometimes you also get do-follow links from it. Blogger outreach is emailing editors with new pitches and asking them to include one of your blog links on their website.


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Akash: In terms of benefit, which will give you a better result?

Swati: I think guest post works better because when you give site owners a new guest post topic that isn’t published in their blog, they will be happy to provide you a byline. This will help you build online authority. However, with blogger outreach, you can only expect a backlink, without any author bio.


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Akash: In blogger outreach, you need to place the link of an existing piece of content in someone else’s blog. So, how do you approach someone for the same?

Swati: You should be able to provide a piece of content that has information that is already not covered on their blog. This way, when they include your article link, people will have something more to learn about. Also, the link that gets to place as a part of your outreach activity will get much attention.


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Akash: Say, we have a target of 20 backlinks in a week, out of which ten are from blogger outreach, and rest are from guest posting. Now, knowing that blogger outreach is not easy, how do I justify the target number?

Swati: It is quite possible. All you need to do is to start pitching as many bloggers as you can. Only when they don’t agree for blogger outreach, you can offer to write a fresh piece of content for them as a part of your guest posting strategy.


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Akash: How do I write a convincing pitch when I’m just starting with blogger outreach or guest posting?

Swati: You need to be convincing enough to the bloggers you reach out to and tell them how your content can benefit them. Your pitch shouldn’t talk business from the beginning; instead, take time to explain how you find their site interesting and how you believe that your content will add value to their website and bring them traffic.


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Akash: An interesting way to approach bloggers is to find outdated content on their website and offer them to provide additional and updated info in exchange for a backlink. What do you think about this?

Swati: Yes, of course. Unless these sites have guidelines stating that published content cannot be modified later, you can approach these bloggers with an updated version of their old content and ask them to include the same on their site. However, you have to make sure that your content offers a value-addition to the website owner you are approaching.


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Akash: How do you differentiate the benefit of guest posting and blogger outreach?

Swati: When it comes to guest posting, you need human resources. You require someone to write a piece of content following the guidelines provided with which you can revert to the blogger. However, there’s no such requirement for blogger outreach as you approach a blogger with an already existing content on your site.



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