How to Improve SEO by Using CRM Software

By:  Angelina Harpar

August 30, 2022

Improve SEO by using Custome Relationship Management Software

Successful businesses achieved this feat by understanding their customers’ needs and applying them to their marketing strategies and production. 

They have tracked the needs of their customers and subscribers to build a fantastic brand. They had a good memory or just exceptional organizational skills. 

Many of those businesses created terrific relationships with their customers in the beginning, and as they grew, they needed a little help. That help came from what we now call customer relationship management.

In this article, we will tackle the idea of improving SEO tactics by using CRM Software.

What is the Definition of Customer Relationship Management?

So, CRM (Customer relationship management) is a system or software which can be used by small, medium or big businesses to build better relationships among customers and other businesses around your company.

CRM can build brand awareness, help you manage your contacts, record each customer’s behavior, and offer better customer service based on the information collected. Using CRM, you can find out how buyers are interacting with your business and improve their customer experience.

Usually, CRM systems have a vast database that different teams can use to achieve better marketing strategies and generate more customers.

With the rise of a remote workforce, CRM systems are becoming a necessary addition to all serious businesses worldwide. Shared calendars, documents, email integrations, and automated in-depth reporting are just what global teams need to stay up to date.

Today, when 91% of companies with more than 11 employees are using CRM to create better marketing strategies, we should explore how to use customer relationship management to improve SEO for our businesses. 

Find New Keywords With CRM

Good SEO strategy means tracking keywords that are important for your business and your niche. Knowing your keywords helps you create content that is useful and valuable to your audience. Every SEO expert has their own set of tools that they are using to find the best keywords, but all of those tools are based on searches from the entire internet. If you need precise data, CRM can offer you that by recording conversations with your visitors and customers. 

You can use data about your prospects and collect long keywords there. During a conversation with a lead, you can find out how they are browsing the web, and what is the language used by your customers for some of the technical stuff you call differently.

By focusing on your users’ vocabulary, you will be able to set the tone and create better marketing strategies for the future.

Create Better Content on Your Blog

When you know your keywords, you can give your audience the content they deserve. While analyzing your keywords in the conversations, you can spot some frequent questions from your users. If people are having some issues with your product, it is best to admit that there are some concerns and create blog posts that can explain how to deal with those issues.

Search engines love showing helpful content with accurate solutions, so those blog posts can give you better positions in browsers, which brings more audience and more leads.

Also, you can use these questions as a way to create more productive customer service. By collecting frequently asked questions and writing blogs that have solutions, you create a better working environment for your customer service team. 

After finishing those blog posts, customer service can send them as links when those questions are asked. That way, they are not doing repetitive jobs, and they don’t find their jobs boring.

That way, you can save time and give your workers time to focus on more complicated issues.

CRM Creates Better Reputation

Creating excellent customer relationships is in the basics of these systems. But this kind of software or program is not focused only on existing prospects. It can be used to contact those who have used your services or products and encourage them to leave a review on Google or Yelp.

Reviews are one of the metrics that search engines are using into consideration when they are ranking websites, but it is not always about that. Good and rational reviews can play a huge role when your potential customer decides whether to buy your product or service. 

If a customer sees that your product is something that other people are buying and commenting online, they would feel freer to buy it. According to Planet Marketing, 90% of people are consulting reviews before buying a particular item or service. 

So, all in all, with a good database of previous buyers, your CRM can remind users to leave a reply and improve your local and global SEO efforts.

Wrap Up

Customer relationship management is a perfect addition to all SEO tools that you are already using. It is complementary, and it can help you have a more personal approach to widely known SEO tactics.

CRM is bringing another dimension and more in-depth knowledge about our customers, and it should not be treated as a luxury but as a necessity in the business world. Today there are all sorts of CRM platforms to choose from, and there are even some with free trials for smaller companies and startups. 


Angelina Harpar

Angelina is a tech writer for Really Simple Systems- a powerful CRM software solution. She is interested in digital marketing, social media marketing, and cloud technology. You can follow her on Twitter or LinkedIn.


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