Ways To Increase Website Traffic Through Content Translation

By:  Samridhi Bhatia

Updated On: September 1, 2022

Everyone is conveying excellent content and astonishing lead magnets, implying that it’s harder than at any other time to persuade somebody to go to your site.

In any case, you likely have huge amounts of foreign website traffic that is just bobbing because of the absence of content translation.

content translation to increase the traffic

Did you realize that the United States isn’t close at all to being the nation that uses the Internet the most? As per the most recent information, China and India far outperform the United States with regards to Internet utilization.

China has almost one billion dynamic clients on the Internet, while the United States has 286,942,362. India has doubled that of the US, as well.

How to build up website traffic with the help of content translation

In the event that you aren’t optimizing for various dialects over the world, you are passing up an excellent opportunity for traffic.

Using content translation is an extraordinary approach to draw in more clients and increase traffic to your site. It can appear like an overwhelming job for some individuals. Here are a few hints to help you.

Start on a small scale

Try not to attempt and do everything too quickly. Translating even a small site can appear to be threatening at first.

Begin by translating the most critical parts of your site and work relentlessly from that point.

behavior flow in google analytics

On the off chance that you don’t know which parts of your site are most critical, utilize your Google Analytics record and take a look at the “Behavior Flow” report under the Behavior tab in your record.

It will demonstrate to you the courses that clients frequently take through your site and give you a better feeling of which pages are generally more critical.

Next, it would help if you took some time to examine guest behavior on these new pages.

Doing this won’t just give you a vibe of how well you have tended to the requirements of your new clients, it will also give Google time to crawl the newly translated content and give you an idea of the new page’s ranking strength.

Find out where your traffic comes from

The initial phase to translate your content into various languages is to survey where your traffic is originating from. All in all, how would you discover where your traffic is coming from? There are a couple of approaches to do it.

The first is by making a beeline for Google Analytics. The vast majority rags on Google Analytics, however, it has plenty of information with regards to traffic.

The key here is to choose an auxiliary dimension to analyze this traffic and plunge further into the sources behind it.

find traffic source in google analytics

Just observing what source the traffic originated from isn’t useful, mainly to find out what languages to target. This information is substantial with regards to translation.

Presently you can see where the more significant part of your traffic is originating from regarding source.

For instance, if you see that organic search is driving vast amounts of foreign traffic, you ought to consider advancing it for those languages.

On the off chance that you understand that social is enormous, you can tag that activity utilizing Bitly.

Country of origin, concerning website traffic, doesn’t generally associate with the dialect spoken. For instance, somebody could live in the United States yet be familiar with Spanish and lean toward utilizing that language to English.

Alternatively, on the other hand, somebody could be from Canada and scarcely speak English but speak mostly French.

So regardless of whether you see that your traffic is mostly from English-speaking locales, I propose improving your pages for numerous languages.

Localize customer support/ replace them with FAQs

Having technical support accessible as a ticket framework or a live chat can be a massive aid to online retailers.

Nonetheless, on the off chance that you have professional help on your site, you should ensure that you have language competent staff accessible, which may not be feasible for some small companies, mainly if the site is converted into a few distinct languages.

One great arrangement is to empower technical support for your entire traffic and change the welcome window in light of the IP address or a client’s language choices.

At that point, present the alternative for clients to continue with chat in English or to peruse an FAQ document in their local dialect. This boosts both decision and localization.

FAQ for customer support

Maybe the best solution just for live chat is to discover an administration with an ‘initiate the translation’ highlight.

Along these lines, when a client visits your site, they can write in their language, and you can write in yours, and both will be deciphered.

Services, for example, Zopim (now part of Zendesk) offer programmed translations and recognize the client language.

Use Google’s Translate plugin for your content translation needs

It’s a decent start to have your best content upgraded, as it will speak to a great many people; however, you ought to likewise decipher whatever remains of your content.

Why? Because if your original post that conveys traffic to your site is excellent, the odds are that those individuals will need to peruse more.

Furthermore, if your other content is not translated, your chance to lose that website traffic once more.

We need to concentrate on making sustainable traffic, so just optimizing maybe a couple of posts isn’t generally perfect.

Gratefully, Google furnishes us with one of the least demanding approaches to translate the content: Google’s Website Translator.

Google translation plugin

They give you the capacity to make a content translation of your whole site into 100+ dialects effortlessly. You don’t have to create new pages with it.

At the point when a client arrives on your site from another nation, or with their preferences chosen in another dialect, Google will inquire as to whether they need the page to be translated.

Blog for your new users

Google is moving more towards perceiving and rewarding quality content. Attempt and give the same quality content to your new users just how you do it for your present users.

Content such as web journals, news, free tools, and white papers are an extraordinary approach to expand organic traffic, and that doesn’t change abroad.

You can begin by translating and localizing your most common English language content that is important to all clients without worrying about the location.

When you are prepared, move to make location-specific content, for instance, neighborhood news or events.

Translate social media

This strategy ties in with your blogging and content approach. Localizing social media accounts builds client interaction with your brand and drives more of website traffic

In a perfect world, you ought to make new records for each new location.

translate social media

On the off chance that you don’t have time immediately to make localized Facebook accounts, you can utilize the Facebook Power Editor tool instead.

With this device, you can assign the particular language and location in which you need the post to show up. Whatever you post may be accessible to clients in that specific language and area.

Local SEO

Again with local SEO, you don’t have to do everything in one go. A subdomain or another directory ought to be considered, and you will require a keyword methodology for the new languages you are translating into.

Our Conclusion for content translation

Getting website traffic from foreign markets requires quite some time, and it can include a considerable measure of work. If you begin gradually and approach things slowly and carefully, it can be certainly justified regardless of the exertion.

Take care of the business, and you will be remunerated with more prominent traffic streaming to your site and ideally, expanded sales as the final outcome.


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  1. Content translations are much helpful to target multiple audience. If same blog is translated into different languages it can reach to maximum audience speaking different languages and bring huge benefit to you in term to increase traffic on your blog and reach to you maximum audience.

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