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June 2019 core update is now rolling out

Google has confirmed that the roll out of it’s latest algorithm updateJune 2019 core update, has begun in the data centers across the world and it may take a day or two for the roll out to complete.

Earlier on Sunday, Google had warned the website owners and webmasters about an impending update that would hit on June 3rd, officially named June 2019 Core Update.

Giving a sneak peek into the update, Google revealed that it would be a broad core algorithm, which may bring considerable changes to the way search results appear.

The broad core algorithms are intended to make the search results better by making improvements in the search positions based on quality factors.

The official announcement about the roll out of June 2019 Core Update was made via the official twitter handle of Google SearchLiaison. The tweet read: “The June 2019 Core Update is now live and rolling out to our various data centers over the coming days.”

Preannouncement of the June 2019 core update Algorithm Update

For the first time, Google has preannounced the roll out of its incremental algorithm update. According to the announcement made on Sunday, the new update will come into effect on Monday, June 3rd.

The preannouncement made via the official Google SearchLiaison Twitter handle read: “Tomorrow, we are releasing a Broad Core Algorithm Update, as we do several times per year.

It is called the June 2019 Core Update. Our guidance about such updates remains as we’ve covered before. Please see this tweet for more about that.”google june 2019 core update

The last time Google rolled out a Broad Core Algorithm Update was in the month of March.

After webmasters started speculating about the March Update and some even calling it the Florida 2 Update, Google officially announced that the update was a Broad Core Algorithm Update and the official name would be March 2019 Core Update.

Why a preannouncement all of a sudden?

Webmasters who know the whole history of Google Algorithm Updates may find the latest preannouncement a bit flabbergasting.

However, Google has been trying to be transparent with their updates since Danny Sullivan took over as the official public face of Google.

With prior experience in the SEO industry as a blogger and being the founder of Search Engine Land, Danny knows the confusion that arises after each update.

Even though John Mueller and his predecessor Matt Cutts were proactive in helping people through their webmaster hangout sessions, Danny has been someone who pitches in on social media conversations to debunk Google myths.

What is a Broad Core Algorithm Update?

Google makes subtle changes to its core algorithm every day, and it’s confirmed that these minor tweaks happen at least one to two times a day.

Webmasters fail to detect the changes as they cause less disruption. In 2018, Google had released more than 630 Core updates.

Broad Core Algorithm Updates are unlike the daily core updates. The Broad Core Algorithm Updates, like the one that Google will launch on June 3rd, will have a far-reaching impact on how the search engine displays its results.

The Broad Core Updates are released only a few times every year, but webmasters keep their fingers crossed after each update due to the fear of losing their rankings.

Last time when Google launched the Broad Core Update, a number of health, wellness, and finance websites saw their rankings plummet.

We did a detailed analysis of this and yet again found adherence to EAT guidelines as an important factor.

The whole purpose of releasing the Broad Core Update aligns itself to Google’s philosophy – provide the highest quality and most relevant search results to its users.

We will provide you an in-depth report on the impact of the March 2019 Core Update as soon as we complete our detailed audit of websites that saw positive and negative impacts.