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Time and again, Google has reiterated how fast mobile experience of websites could mean better search visibility.

Now, the search engine giant has announced that it has upgraded the way Google Ads calculates the google mobile page speed score of  landing pages.

According to the latest release from Google, it has updated the mobile page score algorithm that rates the landing pages based on how fast it loads on mobile devices.

The new google speed update will be a boon for PPC campaign managers as they will get quick speed scores for their landing pages.

Mobile Speed Score Algorithm

Google rates the page speed score of landing pages on a 10-point scale with one being the least and ten being extremely fast.

One major hurdle faced by PPC campaign managers was the delay in getting the speed scorecard insights for the landing page from Google. However, now, it seems like Google has finally heard their call.

The new google mobile speed score algorithm that Google has rolled out will ensure that campaign managers get the score for the landing pages within fewer clicks.

This will help them to rectify page speed related issues of the landing pages much faster and ensure an increase in conversion rate.Page Speed issues of the landing pages

The time taken for a page to load on mobile devices has a significant impact on user engagement.

Google analyzed the user engagement metrics on mobile devices and found that 53% of visits are abandoned when it takes more than three seconds for a mobile site to load.

AMP-based Landing Pages

It has to be noted that Google introduced AMP-based Landing Pages (Accelerated Mobile Pages) in September 2018 to ensure that the landing pages load seamlessly on smartphones. This gives user a better experience on mobile devices.

Google also recommends campaign managers to ensure that they adopt AMP for landing pages as they load 85% faster than the standard mobile-optimized pages.

Latest analysis conducted by Google on AMP pages has revealed that 90% of all AMP landing pages have a mobile speed score of 10.

The Mobile Speed Score was introduced in Google Ads back in July 2018, and it has been helping the campaign managers to optimize landing pages ever since.

With the first-ever major update to mobile page speed score, optimizing the mobile landing pages can be made much faster.

Google calculates the mobile page speed score of landing pages by comparing the load speed of a landing page with that of the competitors. Apart from the google mobile speed test, it also calculates that potential revenue loss due to slow page speed.

Google has offered two additional free tools to campaign managers that help them in analyzing the load speed of the competitors and also the potential revenue loss.

The Speed Scorecard is a handy tool for PPC campaign managers to compare the mobile page load time of the landing pages against that of their competitors’. Currently, the tool supports thousands of sites in 12 countries.

Speed Scorecard

All that you have to do is to enter the competitor URL along with yours. You are allowed to add up to 4 domains at a time.

Once you enter the URLs for website speed test, Google will provide you the Page Speed Scores based on the Chrome User Experience Report.

google impact calculator

Another tool that campaign managers can use is Google Impact Calculator.

Once you fill in the details that include the domain, current speed, average monthly visitors, average order value, and conversion rate, the Impact Calculator will display how much ad spending can be saved by improving the page load speed.