Go From Low Quality To High On Google’s Ranking Order

By:  Shreoshe Ghosh

September 1, 2022

Nobody has ever possessed the capacity to comprehend Google. It has many ranking factors, calculations and their features continue evolving.

Web development and planning can be an extreme job, not as a result of coding tags, yet because a web designer must make a site that is SEO amicable and ought to think about Google’s guidelines.

On the off chance that your website or page is considered as low quality, Google will cut your page positioning down which will, in the long run, influence your business and SEO rankings.

This makes it important to go from low quality to high on Google’s ranking order.

low quality to high on Google’s ranking order

What are the variables Google considers when measuring whether a page is a high or low quality, and how might you recognize those pages yourself?

There’s a list of things to look at to figure out which pages measure up and which don’t, from searcher conduct to page load times to spelling mistakes.

What constitutes quality for Google?

So Google has a few thoughts regarding what’s fantastic versus low quality, and a couple of those are genuinely evident, and we’re comfortable with, and some of them might be all the more challenging.

  • Google needs one of a kind content.
  • They need to ensure that the incentive to searchers from that content is novel, not that it’s merely unique words and expressions on the page, yet the value provided is extraordinary.
  • They jump at the chance to see heaps of outside sources linking to a page. That discloses to them that the page is most likely excellent in light of the fact that it’s reference-commendable.
  • They likewise get a kick out of the chance to see top-notch pages, not merely sources, domains but instead high-quality pages linking to this. That can be internal and external links. So it tends to be the situation that if your high-quality pages on your site connect to another page on your site, Google frequently interprets that, that way.

quality backlinks

  • The page effectively answers the searcher’s inquiry.
  • The page must load quickly on any occasion.
  • They need to see high-quality accessibility with instinctive client experience and design on any gadget, so mobile, desktop, tablet, laptop.
  • They need to see entirely grammatically correct and spellchecked content. So you can have a highlighted piece, it’s doing incredible in the SERPs, you change something in there, you botch it up, and Google says, “Hold up, no, that never again qualifies. You are no longer an astounding answer.” So that discloses to us that they are investigating pages for that kind of data.

investigate part of data to check quality of the content

  • Non-text content needs text alternatives. This is the reason Google energizes utilization of the alt quality. This is the reason why for videos they like transcripts.
  • They additionally get a kick out of the chance to see content that is efficient and simple to understand and read. They decipher that through a bunch of various things; however, some of their machine learning systems can surely lift that.
  • When they see content that focuses on extra additional sources for more data or for follow-up on tasks or to refer to sources. So external links from a page will do that.

This isn’t a comprehensive rundown. These are a portion of the things that can reveal to Google fantastic versus low quality and begin to make them channel things.

What are the factors responsible for a low-quality page, according to Google


Content is the most important factor to focus on to go from low quality to high on Google’s ranking order. The content on your page ought to be novel.

Content comes in the highest point of Google’s ranking component. Plagiarized content won’t work, and Google won’t record your page legitimately.

Your content ought to offer some benefit to your guests and users. The SEO of your page likewise relies on content. Great, remarkable content with essential keywords optimization will inspire Google calculations.

quality content google ranking factor

Keywords, likewise, assume a critical part with regards to rankings. Keyword stuffing is something that one ought to maintain a strategic distance from.

A considerable measure of keywords can flag your page as low quality. Relevant and targeted keywords ought to be included in significant spots.

Answer all queries

Google likewise considers how well you satisfy the searcher. It checks whether your page is pertinent and is giving responses to the topic of the user.

How would you think Google predicts that? All things considered, when somebody writes a question like “content marketing hacks,” and visits a specific site, remains there for quite a while and after that scans for something different, e.g. “manual for Twitter marketing.”

Henceforth, this demonstrates the searcher was happy with the appropriate response that is the reason it went ahead to scan for something unique.

google search

In any case, if the searcher backpedals and clicks distinctive results, it demonstrates Google that the site didn’t answer the inquiry.

On the off chance that this happens more than once, Google may cut the rankings down and will, in the long run, think about the site as low quality.

Furthermore, the time a searcher remains on the site additionally matters.


Google likes it when your pages incorporate numerous internal and external links. This alerts them that your page may be high quality.

Look at our blog on how pillar pages influence SEO. The pages that your page is linking to ought to likewise be high quality. Low-quality backlinks are of no use and furthermore harms rankings.

Page Loading Speed

The loading speed of the site additionally matters. Read up our guide on the best way to score on Google Page speed insights to get tips for influencing your site to load quicker on any occasion.

Spelling Mistakes and Grammar Errors

Indeed, correct use of grammar and spelling mistakes are what makes a difference when composing web blogs and content for a site.

Spelling and punctuation mistakes can demonstrate Google that your page is of low quality. You may know about Google’s features snippets. Indeed, great punctuation and no spelling mix-ups can include your page on highlighted pieces.

google spelling mistake and grammar error

On the off chance that you are now featuring on it, and afterward you roll out a few improvements in your content that have sentence structure and spellings errors, Google will inevitably expel you from featured snippets area and will likewise think about your page as low quality.

A responsive design

In this day and age, where there is more number of versatile clients, it is critical that your site has a responsive design that is easy-to-use on a wide range of gadgets.

A responsive design implies that your page is visible with the order and designs on desktops, laptops, mobiles, tablets and every other sort of gadgets.

Portraying a deceptive image as per the user

On the off chance that your site is attempting to fool or confuse individuals and web crawlers, at that point, it is considered as low quality.

Furthermore having many affiliate links and advertisements makes your site over monetized, which inevitably affects Google in the wrong manner.

Google needs the primary page of the site to be fundamental content and not affiliate links and advertisements.

Many affiliate links, ads, etc. blend inside the page and urges individuals to tap on the advertisement. This is valuable for offshoots, however, according to Google, it is considered as low quality.

The architecture of the site

The architecture of your website also matters a lot. It checks if your page and the content on your page are appropriately organized and whether it is easy to digest.

How to change go low quality to high on Google’s ranking order

Since now you have an idea of how Google thinks about a page as low quality, let us take a look at how we can perceive high-quality pages.

how we can perceive high-quality pages

Breaking down your site utilizing different tools can help you to distinguish if your site is high quality or not. Check the number of visits you get each month and whether they visit different pages after the landing page.

If they do, it is a decent sign that Google should seriously think about your site as high quality. Additionally, keep a track on the number of social shares your page gets.

Outer connections, unique content, indexing, and so on, are everything that matters to your site is high quality.

A web engineer or designer knows about every one of these things before he/she makes the site live.

Creating a successful website is, in a roundabout way, identified with making a site SEO in a friendly way.

Before you pick the correct web developing services, ensure that your office had all the accurate data about search engines and sites. Make sure you do everything to make a shift from low quality to high on Google’s ranking order.


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