Backlinks are an essential part of SEO optimization. They signal search engines about the relevancy and authority of your site. When many high-quality websites link to you, it conveys that your site is authoritative and trustworthy to rank higher on search results.

Effective link building strategies can help you earn high-quality backlinks and boost your organic ranking on SERPs. But there is a catch, the links should come from relevant websites for it to pass the link juice.

Since low-quality, spammy backlinks can negatively affect the reputation and rankings, you must focus hand-picking high-quality backlinks rather than going on a link building spree.


12 Dos and Don’ts for Optimizing Your Backlinks

Your backlink strategy shouldn’t be too complicated. Building backlinks is a gradual process and might take some time before you start seeing results. 

However, many businesses inadvertently make certain backlink building mistakes that search engines like Google consider as spammy practices. Though some of these backlink building techniques get faster results, they can backfire after an algorithm update. 

In this post, we’ll discuss some common dos and don’ts of backlink building to ensure that your site gains maximum benefit using the right strategies.

The Do’s

Focus on “Natural” Links from Awesome Content

The most natural way to build backlinks is to focus on writing quality content. With a well-researched piece of content, you are most likely to gain more readership and earn natural backlinks from other related sites since your content has high authority and engagement rates.

Only Allow High-Quality Directories

Backlink building directories allow you to create your site’s backlink and list them along with other business listings in the same category. But, you have to be very careful about signing up with these directories. 

You will only earn value from these directories if they are of high-quality. Try staying away from spammy directories that allow low-quality sites to enlist as well. 

Guest Blogs for High-Quality Links

Guest blogging or guest posting is a great way to build relationships with bloggers and site owners related to your niche. For guest blogging, you have to collate a list of high authority sites and approach them with your content ideas.

If they agree to post them on their blog, you can request them for a backlink to your site in exchange for the content you provide them. 

This will be a win-win for both, as the blogger or site owner will get a new content piece to publish and you’ll get a backlink to your site that’ll help to improve your SERP ranking.


Paid Links with CAUTION

Paid link-building is any such activity that involves monetary transactions. It can land you in trouble if not done with enough caution. If you engage in paid link building activities, you need to follow the webmaster’s guidelines thoroughly. 

Make sure that you know the source of your paid link building activities and learn if they use the best practices when it comes to such activities. If you want an external agency to take care of your link building activities, make sure that the links are built through 100% manual effort. 

This is the same practice we follow in Stan Ventures. We never pay for the links but we earn it for our clients and the payment is for the effort we put in reaching out to website owners. However, this works only when you have high-quality content to share. 

Earn Links With Relevancy and Authority

Try obtaining the best links possible. For this, you need to analyze the top pages ranking for your target keywords and try gaining backlinks from very high DA sites. You can also analyze the quality of a site by checking its spam score. 


Turn Your Donation into an SEO Booster

Donation or event sponsorships can help your site rank if you do it for a reputed organization. You can try donating for a cause of a top organization and when they link back to your site in the list of sponsors, you’ll see your ranking soaring high. 

Focus on Blogger Outreach

Blogger outreach is contacting influential bloggers and brands with content ideas to contribute to their site in exchange for backlinks.

For effective blogger outreach, you need to focus more on the aspect of relationship building rather than transactional benefits.  You must start by shortlisting blogs in your niche based on real traffic and authority. Then draft personalized emails to each of them proposing your content ideas.

You have to ensure that the topics you pitch are relevant to their site and will appeal to their target audience. Once you get approval on the topics, write well-researched and engaging content, and submit them for publishing.

As soon as your content is published with a link back to your site, people will follow it and boost your site traffic. 

Turn Mentions into Backlinks

It is quite common to come across sites that just mention your product or services without providing a backlink. 

You can use the opportunity to contact the webmaster and request them to link back to the related product or service page as it’ll help readers to know more about them.

You can use the Backlink Profiler (BLP) tool report and sort the list of webpages that have mentioned your business. 

Then you can visit these web pages, find their contact details to email them individually with your linkback proposal. 

 The Don’ts

Link to Low-Quality Content

As discussed towards the beginning of the post, link building is a gradual process, making many of us restless. For quicker results, many adopt unfair means to build links. 

They try getting backlinks from any website without caring much about its DA or spam score.  As a result, their sites often end up getting linked to low-quality content that hampers the site’s reputation.

You should always do thorough research on a website before building links so that you don’t end up with low-quality backlinks.

Fall for Spammy Paid Links

Paid link-building is easier to implement than manual link building. Many spammy sites can trick you into building links in exchange for a sum of money. 

Usually, such easy to build paid links are offered by spammy sites. So, be careful before agreeing to such paid links and double-check the site’s authority, relevancy, and ensure that they are relevant to your niche industry. 


Approve Backlinks That Aren’t in the Text

Disapprove backlinks that aren’t in the Text. Backlinks in the sidebar, header, or footer content aren’t useful for your site and can hamper your site’s SEO.

Any Form of Manipulation

If you’ve received backlinks through any form of manipulation and fear that Google will notice it, be assured that Google might have already done so. If you are found manipulating backlinks, your site will be penalized at any time.

Therefore, it is not a good idea to manipulate backlinks or practice any unfair means to gain them. Work hard on backlink building even if it takes you a lot of time.

Trading Links

Trading links with high-quality sites can help you improve your rankings, but if you do the same with any random site, it will harm your site. If Google finds out that you are trading links with any random site without checking their relevance or authority, it will consider them spam and give no value.

Hence, if you want to trade links, do it fairly and check the site’s authority and relevance before going ahead. 

Injecting Links

Injected links are invisible to the human eyes but visible to the search engine crawlers. It is a spam SEO practice used to improve the authority of a website. When users click on these links unknowingly, they are redirected to the third-party sites. 

Stay away from such black hat SEO practices and only focus on getting quality backlinks through suitable backlink building activities.


Backlink building is an activity frequently carried out by SEO experts to improve a site’s authority and, eventually, its organic rankings. While backlinks are beneficial, many SEO practitioners get involved in certain link-building practices that can harm their site and push their rankings even further down. 

Keeping in mind, these do’s and don’ts for backlinks you can ensure that your site gets maximum benefit from it and enjoy higher rankings on SERPs.