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Google kills video thumbnails: Replaces it with carousels

If you are into marketing videos, Google has just dropped a bombshell that could make significant changes in the click-through-rate. According to RankRanger, since June 6th, Google has been replacing the video thumbnails in desktop search with video carousels. Video thumbnails were stills that you’d…

Digital Marketing, SEO

White Label SEO Services Are So Famous, But Why?

Are you a digital marketer? Do you know about the current digital marketing industry scenario? If yes, it’s obvious that you’re looking to leverage it for your company’s profit. You might think of doing it by providing excellent SEO services to your clients and improve…

Link Building

Off Page SEO Techniques Ultimate Guide For Beginners

Link building is not just one of the prioritized off page SEO techniques. There’s a lot more to it than just achieving links. For instance, shooting your brand’s name on various websites to endorse without hyperlinking is one of the techniques that go into off-page…

Local SEO

How to Rank on Google Maps in 2020: 9 Proven Techniques

Every company looks forward to having their business on Google Maps Search Results. Having your business on Google Maps means that your business listing has better chances of appearing on Google’s organic search results.  This means optimizing the business in Google Maps will ensure that…

Content Marketing

How Digital Content Marketing Helps You Increase Revenue

What is Digital Content Marketing? Digital content marketing is using any electronic medium to create and share content across the web. Content marketing is carried out to attract and convert the target audience by showing informative and relevant content that aligns with their personal interests….


Techniques to Rank on Search Engines with White Hat SEO

Wondering what the ways to rank on search engines with white hat SEO and produce a popular website? Don’t worry, in this post we share the best White Hat link building techniques you can adapt to White Hat marketing. Most White Hat firms rely on…


Inbound Marketing Strategy: Everything you need to learn

Digital marketing as a concept is quite vast, and Inbound marketing is the up and coming trend that is taking the marketing world by storm. Inbound marketing refers to strategies that include content marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click and Social Media Marketing. It…


White Label Reseller Services Help You Make Money

Have you ever bumped into ‘White label SEO reseller program?’ Perhaps you would have heard of terms ‘white label SEO reseller’ recently.   The terms of white label SEO reseller, Search Engine Optimization, content marketing, and link building services have gained fresh attention over the…