We have often seen SEO experts or outreach specialist struggling to find the right way to pitch their guest posting ideas. Today, I, Shreoshe, from Stan Ventures will talk to our in-house SEO expert, Sneha, and learn about ways to build authority backlinks through the right guest posts pitch.


Shreoshe: How to prepare to pitch for guest posting?

Sneha: To pitch for a guest post, the first step is research. You need to research the target website where you want to contribute your post. This is necessary because it will give you an idea about the kind of guest posts that are generally published on the website and the quality of the content that is published. 

Most blogger outreach agencies  oversee this step, which often leads to the guest post offer being turned down. It is common for any high-authority site not to accept guest posts from any topic other than their niche. Hence, prior research can save your time and effort.

Once you find a website where you think your content can contribute positively, you need to prepare the pitch. The main element of an outreach email pitch is the subject line. The subject line can make or break your guest post request. Avoid using generic subject lines and focus on adding a touch of personalization to your pitch. Your subject line could consist of the target website name or name of the blogger to whom the site belongs.

Next, your email should start with a brief intro about yourself and then talk about how you find their website interesting. This is where you will try to build trust in the site owner by citing some of their published blogs or ebooks and telling precisely what did you like about them. This will give a positive impression to the site owner, who will understand that you have genuinely read their blog and offering them honest feedback. 


Shreoshe: How can you bring up the whole guest posting offer to them?

Sneha: In the introduction email itself, you can come up with some guest post ideas that you think will be suitable for the high-authority site and ask the site owner to shortlist a topic on which you would like to write a high-quality piece of content. You should give them a week to reply. If you continuously send them emails to follow-up, it might look unprofessional, or they may consider you very desperate to get a backlink.


Shreoshe: So, if I ask you to provide me with a guest post email structure, will you be able to tell me the essential elements in it?

Sneha: Well, as I said earlier, the first element is the subject line where you have to grab the attention of your prospect. This is followed by addressing the site owner to start the pitch. As you begin the pitch, you need to introduce yourself and tell them how you’ve found their site interesting.

You can go about talking about a few blogs on the site and tell them how you also hold the expertise on the same topic and believe that you could also contribute to their site. Next, you need to offer them some topics to choose from and end the pitch mentioning that you are eagerly waiting for a reply from them. Ensure that your website link, email ID and mobile number is clearly mentioned under your name when you sign off the email. 


Shreoshe: What are the factors to keep in mind while writing a guest post for a high-authority site?

Sneha: The first thing to keep in mind is that the content topic shouldn’t deviate from the main subject. Next, you should ensure that the content has a natural flow and the information provided is authentic. This is the reason why high-authority websites only work with experienced authors. An accomplished author boasts authority on a given subject and knows that that the facts he’s mentioning in his post are accurate. Besides, there shouldn’t be any grammatical mistakes and spelling errors throughout the piece of content. An authoritative writer will ensure that his content copy is error-free. That is why it is said that you should write once and edit twice. 

If you follow the above steps, you’ll be able to pitch an email that will be convincing enough for the website owner to accept your guest posting proposal.