Software development off-shoring comes with multiple benefits, primary among them are a faster time to market, lower costs and access to highly skilled software developers.

More and more software companies these days are going for off-shoring model through Insourcing via subsidiary placement because it gives them the advantage to hiring quality programming talents without any hassle and gives more time to focus on core competencies.

Since, software development is a people and knowledge-centric business, the process of setting up and operating a distributed development team involves aligning people, their knowledge and the overall business ambition of the company.

Finding the right talent

IT companies are always on a lookout for highly skilled and qualified talent. However, these companies sometimes find it difficult to get the right talent in their own country.

To overcome this situation, Insourcing via Subsidiary placement in India helps get easy access to the talent pool in India who are highly qualified and can be employed at just a fraction of the cost when compared to that in their country.

Bringing down development cost

Insourcing via Subsidiary Placement in India is a lucrative cost proposition for small and mid-sized software companies.

It helps the companies to start their office in India, where the operations costs are down to earth when compared to the costs in their native countries.

Added the resources are highly talented, qualified and are available in huge numbers, whose employment costs are one-fourth of the actual figures back in their native countries.

On an average, a three year experienced Java developer can be employed at just 800 USD a month in India.

Now the tech companies can work on the savings number even by employing just a resource in India.

Follow-the-sun IT

INsourcing via Subsidiary placement in India gives enterprises and SMBs an enormous advantage and opportunity to truly have a follow-the-sun workforce that never shuts down.

This worked great for me,” said one former manager of a US Telco. “We developed the specifications for a large system we wanted to build, and we had all the programming work taken care by our subsidiary firm in India. By the time we got to work the next morning, all of the previous day’s programming tasks were complete and waiting for us. The work was excellent. It exceeded our expectations.”

Establishing a development center in the location halfway around the globe enables companies to leverage a 24/7 development cycle. Globalization of development activities also helps to diversify the talent pool and reduces the risk associated with relying on a single talent market.

Security and Reliability

With Insourcing via Subsidiary placement, you have your very own development center established. The resources employed by the subsidiary are your people, and you will take crucial time to select the best of talents with the like-minded approach.

This is similar to running one of your offices located in some far of states in your country, but in reality, the subsidiary is just a few thousand miles away. The resources working are bound under the similar rules and responsibilities as that of your headquarters, and they are subjected to your questioning at any instance of time.

Stan Ventures gives you the complete hopes and promise to take care of your office for you under your guidance and vision.

Research on Insourcing Destination-Choosing the City in India

With Insourcing via Subsidiary Placement becoming a multi-billion dollar business, it is crucial for the companies to squeeze off the maximum benefit and that is only possible by choosing the right destination to land.

Stan Ventures congratulate your wise decision on walking up with India as your Insourcing destination. India boasts about being the leading technology talent producers in the market.

According to a study by LinkedIn in 2014, Indian cities top the chart of the Major cities around the world attracting tech talents. The Indian towns have five positions among the top 10 listings and boast first four positions followed by the Silicon Valley cities in the US.

Bangalore, named as the Silicon Valley of India, stands tall for its technology infrastructure within the city than its counterparts across India.

The Work Hard, Party Hard culture imbibed from the West gives an added advantage to the tech companies as you could hardly find any culture lag making it the ideal destination to land without any second thoughts. The other cities Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Gurgaon are collectively evolving into a hot technology destination as well.

How Does Stan Ventures Help You?

Stan Ventures has teams of various specialization starting from Real Estate, Legal, Accounting to Human Resources and Operations.

The team helps you from getting your subsidiary registered to have it filled with the right resources and assisting you with smooth operations around the year taking care of the hefty Indian paper works for you.

We have worked with a few tech companies across The States and have helped them start their subsidiary effectively in India. Looking forward to helping you establish a winning edge over your competitions.