Still Risking Your SEO Agency’s Reputation Doing Link Outreach? Checkout How and Why 87% of Our Agency Partners Killed It For Good

By:  Dileep Thekkethil

Updated On: March 14, 2023

Before you start reading about how our agency partners saved countless hours and thousands of dollars by killing link outreach, let me tell the greatest truth upfront – building backlinks for your clients still matters in 2022!

Don’t leave this page just yet. This isn’t a clickbait title by any means. 

I know you have high-paying clients who make it a point to give monthly backlink orders that are fetching you enough margin. 

Showing them your back means turning down a goldmine for your competitors to steal from you. As an agency with such a high reputation, why would you do that?

Let me be clear. 

What I’m about to reveal, by no means, is about turning away link-building orders. But it’s to do more with making 3x-5x more profit from link-building orders without you or your team breaking a sweat. 

The Gross Reality

Many agencies suck at doing link outreach campaigns. Period. 

Of course, building links and promoting client’s content on multiple platforms cannot be overlooked. But should that put your company’s reputation in serious jeopardy? Not to the least! 

I know, you have started sensing the contrast. 

These are some of the questions that may be flashing in your mind. 

  • How on earth is it possible to build bulk backlinks without doing outreach? 
  • Won’t the client abandon us if they find we are not good at outreach? 
  • What will the outreach team do instead? 
  • What will happen to the profit that we are making right now? 

Here is my promise: By the time you scroll to the final few sentences, you would know:

  • It’s POSSIBLE to build backlinks without your outreach team sending a single email.
  • The sure-fire game plan that can keep the clients hooked to your agency just because you are able to deliver them quantifiable results.
  • How to save thousands of dollars, time,  and of course, your brand’s reputation; all while your outreach team does more productive SEO activities that move the needle for your clients. 
  • Last but not least, the money-multiplying formula can bring colossal revenue to your agency at least 60% more than your current margin. 

Is Your Outreach Team Your Nemesis? 

The truth is the most flamboyant SEO agencies out there are the ones that are sending the most ridiculous and sloppy outreach emails. 

The truth hurts, trust me, and I’ll show you some real-life examples later to elucidate my statement. 

But why did I call these emails the nemesis of your agency? Because each time a webmaster says yuck to the email sent by your outreach team, you are losing out on a good prospect for your client. 

At the end of the day, you and your clients are at a loss because, at some point, the whole industry will start ridiculing your outreach strategy. 

Here is the truth. 

  • 90% of SEO top agencies are building backlinks for their clients. But none of them dares to say this to the outside world because of the fear of being called spammers. 
  • They reduced the number of outreach emails sent due to the fear of being targeted online and due to the overwhelming fear of losing reputation. 
  • They do outreach only for high-paying clients because the team must spend quality time researching the sites they are reaching out to and also drafting emails that don’t fall into the junkyard. 
  •  The lion-share of link building orders is sent to blogger outreach agencies specializing in quality link acquisition through manual blogger outreach strategy

So, what’s the way out? 

Before I reveal it, here are a few sample outreach emails sent by some of the so-called “top agencies” requesting a backlink. Most of them just went above my head. 

In fact, by outreach, I mean the effort put in by your agency to reach out to a website with genuine traffic or an influencer who has a lot of fans that are potential customers of your client. 

I stressed this because even the absolute lowest quality outreach emails get a response if it reaches a spammer who builds links for money. 

Examples of Some Sloppy Email Outreach

Example 1

This is an outrageously bad outreach email. The formatting errors make it so obvious that it’s part of an automated bulk email campaign. Also, the brackets are exposing the nature of the email. So, this one goes into the 🗑  within the first few seconds.

sloppy email 1

Example 2: 

This one almost got me but, the problem was with the topics. We try to do minimum blogs about social media and the topics just didn’t connect with our audience.

sloppy email 2

Example 3

We get over 50k organic traffic per month and it gets into your nerves when you see such emails that want to trade our reputation for a few dollars.

sloppiest email

Hope your outreach team is not sending such bland emails to the prospects. 

But if the faintest idea of doubt has popped up in your mind, I suggest kill the process right away without any second thoughts and be the Messiah of your agency. 

“But what happens to my link building orders?”

You don’t want to look sheepish in the eyes of your clients and your competitors. 

That’s why you are now going to use the same strategy that the so-called industry experts are using secretly to drive 60% more profit to their agency through link building orders. 

In fact, I had touched upon it a little while ago.

“The lion-share of link building orders of top SEO agencies are sent to blogger outreach experts.”

Yes. This is the most dreaded secret that your top competitors tried to hush up and bury deep as if it’s the holy grail. 

Thinking how I know all these? Simple. I along with my team are the ones helping 50+ SEO agencies out there save countless hours and thousands of dollars doing 100% manual blogger outreach to secure the highest quality backlinks for their clients. 

All that they do is send us the list of keywords and the URLs to which links have to be built. The process we have set up is so fluid and transparent that your in-house managers will come back and enjoy working with us as your extended team. 

Our 300+ outreach experts have reached out and built relationships with 50,000+ niche-specific, traffic-driving, and metric-based websites to serve you and your clients with top-notch links. 

Trust me, at least one of your competitors is using our service, and you will never know. 

Here is why: 

  • Our process is transparent, but the details of our agency partners are safe like those Gold Codes. 
  • Client details are protected, and we sign NDA with agencies as part of our policy.
  • We leave no scope for clients to find who built the links because it’s all white-labeled. 
  • Last but not least, our partners get a margin of up to 60% on all link building orders, and we are their treasure hunters. 

You may be asking, “Aren’t you bothered about the reputation of your agency by doing outreach for my clients?” 

Absolutely not. Because we have been doing this for the last 11 years and have mastered the secret sauce. 

More importantly, we are serving an inventory of 50,000+ websites with regular content, which means we keep our relationships alive. For them, we are the source of quality content that drives visitors and we have been fulfilling their needs every single time. 

So here is the thing, when you have a whole team of 300+ outreach experts (let me stress “OUTREACH EXPERTS” and not interns or freelancers or even freshers), why scar your agency’s reputation by sending outreach emails that backfire? 

Now the Ultimate Solution for Your Concern

So, if you are an SEO agency owner with your outreach team sending bulk templated emails to get backlinks. Don’t stop them right away! Place a trial order with us and see how things will turn out in a matter of a few days. 

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