Forced to Increase SEO Pricing For Bigger Margins? Your Agency’s Worst Fears May Come True If Your Skip This Vital Info

Is the profit and loss statement of your SEO agency putting you through emotional turmoil and forcing you to take the extreme step of increasing the SEO pricing by 2x, 3x or even 5x?  It doesn’t matter if it’s a $50 or $500 increase, your clients will definitely be shocked and angry. God alone can now save you from the tantrums they throw at you.

Here are the reasons why:

  • Unfortunately, it’s human nature to feel upset when everyone around you is reeling in bigger profits than you. Another part of human nature is the disgust towards any form of disruption.
  • The only time we accept such disruptions is when there are no alternatives. However, with SEO, that window is closed because there are other agencies that offer similar services at dirt cheap prices.
  • The next thing that an emotionally sick client of yours might do is end the marriage and elope with your competitors.

I know, there is nothing more humiliating than this. That’s exactly why I wanted to tell you that there is just one possible way to avert a disastrous destiny for an agency you built out of passion.

Remember what Doctor Strange told Iron Man about just one possible way to save half of humanity? Consider the silver bullet that I’m about to give you as the most lethal weapon to save your SEO agency from crumbling.

you have one option to increase profit without touching SEO pricing


When you use the knowledge that I’m about to share, then don’t have to worry about:

  • Increasing the Price of Your SEO Services Even by a Cent Ever Again
  • Laying Off Employees Whom You Molded into SEO Experts
  • Staying Awake Thinking of Profit Margin
  • Waking Up In the Middle of the Night Thinking How to Convince the Clients 

Because you will be able to: 

  • Provide Superior Quality SEO Services, Possibly at a Cheaper SEO Pricing
  • Train and Hire More Employees to Provide Better Results for Your Clients
  • Rest Assured About Growing Profit Margin
  • Attract More Clients Like Flies to Flame

The panacea to your suffering lies within the way you manage your SEO team. 

Think about this, if your senior SEO members are squandering 5 hours a day building backlinks and sending cold emails to website owners, a bigger profit margin will continue to be a daydream. 

Your SEO managers must be spending time on activities that bring in profit to your clients from day one. They must sense the promised land is getting nearer every time your managers get on a call.

This includes improving the content quality, on-page optimization, usability factors, and more of such activities that can show quantifiable results. For this, they have to coordinate with other team members frequently.

One mistake that all SEO agencies make is to take it for granted that clients will be happy when they see keyword rankings increase.

They aren’t!

The reason most of them come to you is to increase their sales and conversion. Of course, building backlinks will help you increase the keyword ranking. Period.  

But is that ultimately leading to more sales and conversions?

If the answer is no, your agency is under enormous risk of losing the client despite increasing the rankings of the keywords.

Most agencies miss this critical aspect and spend time on building backlinks, which can be handled by other agency partners who are really good at doing this. 

What this means is that you are giving clients perfect synchrony of SEO services wherein as you optimize the pages for better sales and conversions, the backlinks are built by your SEO partner to make the page rank higher on search engines

The result is : 

  • Higher conversions and sales for your clients 
  • More client retention for your SEO agencyseo pricing

How to Run a Profitable SEO Agency Without Increasing SEO Pricing?

Let me tell you this upfront. 

Your SEO managers must spend 75% of their time on activities that can help clients make money because no matter what you do, they are going to catch you by the jugular if results fail to come by. 

Now, let me do a bit of a mind game about the current state of your SEO agency. 

  • You have SEO managers who also are executioners
  • Your SEO managers are working overtime to serve more clients
  • Some of your SEO managers have complained about their inability to put in 100% for all the clients they manage
  • Some SEO managers left the job because of work pressure
  • Your old clients have started complaining about quality taking a nosedive
  • You are seeing a high attrition rate
  • Your recurring revenue has started reducing 
  • Now, you are unsure what to do with the new clients and are worried if they will follow suit.

If you are facing challenges like any of the ones mentioned above, you have to start thinking of reducing the burden from your SEO managers and in-house team. 

We did a survey among our SEO Agency partners to understand why they decided to join hands with Stan Ventures. Here are the findings:

  • 8 out of 10 agencies opined that their SEO managers and other team members were bleeding their heads for hours every day trying to dig the perfect backlinks for their clients. 
  • A shocking revelation was that most of these backlinks had to be replaced two or three times before the client approved. 
  • When we checked with them about other SEO activities other than backlinks, the answer was even more shocking because they get delayed indefinitely. 
  • As a result of this most of these agencies started seeing high attrition rates. 
  • They hired more SEO managers to give more personal care to their clients. However, this backfired because the profit margin reduced to the lowest ebb making it difficult to run the business. 

That’s when they decided to partner with Stan Ventures as their trusted link-building partner. 

So, what happens when you partner with Stan Ventures?

At the beginning of every month, your SEO account managers as usual will create a roadmap for individual clients. 

This might include: 

  • List of Pages to Optimize
  • Keywords to Optimize for
  • Number of Backlinks to Be Built
  • Topics for Content Creation/Refresh
  • On-Page SEO Tweaks
  • Conversion Optimization Strategy Based on Previous Records 

Your inhouse team takes care of all the important SEO activities other than backlink building, which is a real time sink as we all know. 

All that we require from your account managers is the number of backlinks to be built for each client and the anchor text to be used while building it. 

Here is the process we have for you: 

Link Order Placed

Once you update the link requirements, our dedicated account manager will start processing it and you can keep a track of it using the dashboard. 

Site Shortlisting

Our outreach team will shortlist the websites based on the niche and other quality factors before sending them for your approval. 

Topic Idea

Unique topic ideas are created based on the focus keywords you have provided and then shared with you for approval. 

Content Approval

You can review the content quality and ensure the links are placed contextually within a positive context.

Order Delivered

We will update the delivery status of your orders in the dedicated dashboard and send a white-labeled report. 

Our process is as simple as this but leaves no scope for confusion or rework. 

Now let’s come to the most important reasons why you must choose our link building service. 

Ok before that, let’s go back and check out the reasons that made you think of increasing the pricing of your SEO services and how Stan’s White Label Link Building service helps find a solution.

Obliterate Your Problems with Our Solutions

Problem 1: In-House SEO Resources Losing Valuable Time

Before: Your SEO managers are too occupied building backlinks and fixing them for clients and they are unable to give time to other SEO aspects.

Now: All backlinks are built by our outreach team and a white-label report is sent to your account managers to be showcased to the clients. That means a lot of time saved every day. 

Problem 2: In-House Outreach Team is Eating Up Your Margin

Before: You either hired interns or freshers to do the outreach activities for finding and shortlisting websites that offer backlinks. 

Now: We have a team of 300+ outreach experts (not interns or freshers) to help find the best websites out there that can build backlinks for your clients. 

Problem 3: Limited In-House Resources Stopping You From Getting More Clients 

Before: It was hard to run an SEO agency with limited resources. Your managers get booked up very quickly once you have momentum and leads coming in. Soon you were unable to take more clients. 

Now: With limited resources, you are now able to serve more clients because the difficult and more time-consuming task, link building, is done by the experts in Stan Ventures. 

Problem 4: Client Relationship Is Getting Affected 

Before: Clients were blasting your managers for not keeping the deadlines and importantly asking for quick results during the client calls. 

Now: All deadlines are now kept because the most time and energy-draining link-building activities are being taken care of by us. This also means, your managers get much more time to optimize stuff that moves the needle. They can also focus on client retention activities. 

Problem 5: Your Agency is in Deep Trouble Due to Scalability Issues

Before: All the above said activities were draining your profit and you planned to increase the price for your SEO services by 2x, 3x or even 5x. This could have been a disaster because you could have lost some of your high-paying clients in a single day. 

Now: You are making bigger margins on SEO orders than what you could have by increasing the SEO pricing because our White Label Services for agencies come at a hugely discounted rate. I can assure you that it’s going to save at least 60% of the cost that you incur right now.  So, when you are already able to bring in huge profit to your account, why think of increasing the SEO pricing?

Now the Ultimate Solution for All Your Concerns

So, if you are an SEO agency owner looking to hit a bigger profit margin without increasing SEO pricing, then this is what you’re looking for.

Buff Up Your Profit By Partnering With Stan Ventures Today



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