Listen to this audio podcast featuring Senthil Kumar, VP of Digital Marketing, Stan Ventures and Haroon Rasheed, Digital Marketing Manager, Stan Ventures, where they try to decode how much guest posting is too much guest posting.


Time Stamp: 00:27-01:52

Haroon: There are a lot of people who want to do guest posting, but they don’t know how much is too much. So my question is how many guest posts does a website require to rank on Google?

Senthil: Well, we can’t really pinpoint a particular number. It depends on the number of keywords that are ranking for a website, along with quite a few more factors surrounding it. For example, if we rank for 1000 keywords related to SEO on Stan Ventures, there are also a few keywords for which we rank below our competitors.

For those keywords that are ranking below the third position on the search engine, you may not want to risk tweaking the meta title and description, because sometimes they result in lowering the rankings even further. What could be done instead is execute high-quality guest posting activities, but yet again, the number cannot be defined for the same.

Time Stamp: 01:55-02:53

Haroon: Can you also throw some light on whether we should focus on the number of guest posts or is it the authority and context that we should focus on?

Senthil: Definitely, you have to focus on the authority and the context. A website that creates several backlinks from low-quality sites raises a red flag for itself. If you are trying to get a lot of cheap links from sites that sell them, then you are sending a negative signal to Google. 

So, the quality of the site and the authority is paramount. If there are a lot of good authority sites talking about your site, then it’s a good sign. Just ensure that the link building activity is consistent with maintaining the link building momentum.

Time Stamp: 04:36-07:56

Haroon: Can you share some insights about how big agencies manage guest posting activities every month?

Senthil: Sure, big agencies have a fixed monthly budget for the effort it takes for people to work on, which may be the cost of hiring a particular person to outreach. These agencies spend an equal amount on content and links initially. Once the content reaches any position between 5-10 and it cannot go up further due to high-quality sites securing those positions, this is when agencies will be looking for a robust guest posting approach. By reaching out to these top 5 sites, agencies will be looking for more brand mentions and backlink building opportunities. 

People think domain authority matters the most, but the reality is page authority is more important. For example, a site like Forbes has content on SEO, but when people want to read about SEO, they will prefer visiting sites like Search Engine Land. Now Search Engine Land has low domain authority than Forbes, but its page authority is higher.

Time Stamp: 08:28-10:13

Haroon: Is there any co-relation between maintaining top ranks and consistently building links for a website?

Senthil: Yes, there is. Two factors need to be considered. First is the freshness of the content is very critical to ensure that you continuously stay on top and backing it up with a robust link-building campaign. Every now and then, a new business pops up with kickass content and outranks you, so you need to be consistent in your link-building effort. For us at Stan, we have been able to outrank Moz and Search Engine Land for certain keywords like “Google algorithm update”. So yes, there’s definitely a correlation between building links consistently on authoritative pages and staying on top.

Time Stamp: 10:42-11:29

Haroon: I think most website owners will agree with me that it is just not ranking on top but staying there as a matter of fact.

Senthil: Yes, you have to be consistent and ensure than you are building links from high-quality websites only. I think if you keep building hundreds of links from bad sites, then it is going to lead to your loss ultimately. When you build links from high-quality sites, then I think you don’t have to lose your sleep over the fear of losing your top position to your competitor.