7 White Hat SEO Techniques to Rank Your Website on Search Engines

By:  Samridhi Bhatia

Updated On: March 22, 2023

It is a fact that Google constantly keeps updating its algorithms. This is why it’s difficult to rank your content on the top Google SERPs. The only way to rank well is by using White Hat SEO techniques.

If you want your website to appear in the top results of search engines, you need to implement the best White Hat SEO techniques.

Before mentioning some of the useful the White Hat SEO practices, it’s crucial for you to understand what exactly White Hat SEO is.

What is White Hat SEO?

Well, in simple terms, it’s a body that approves the tactics of Search Engine Optimization.

These tactics are mainly designed for improving the position of a website on SERP.


What is White Hat SEO?

The results on search engines, which appear through approved methods, rather than using paid mediums, are referred to as the organic results.

White hat SEO practices, as opposed to black hat SEO practices, aims at improving your rankings on the SERP while following the search engine’s terms of service. Failing to follow these guidelines can result in your site getting penalized by search engines including Google. 

Since there are paid ads or links are placed on SERPs, there’s only limited space left for the organic results. For this reason, attaining the top position gets a little tricky.

7 White Hat SEO Techniques You Need to Implement

In this article, you’ll get to learn about the White hat SEO techniques that you need to incorporate to rank your website higher on Google.

Following these search engine optimization techniques, you’d find it easier to boost the rankings of your website.

White Hat SEO Techniques

When it comes to ranking a website through organic methods, there are a number of factors that have a role to play using White Hat SEO.

Some of the elements include Content, Media (Images and Videos), Site Structure, Meta Description, and the performance of a website.

For optimizing these factors properly, scroll down and read the White Hat SEO tactics! These White Hat SEO techniques would help you manage the traffic coming to your website.

1. Promote the “Mobile First” Approach

If you focus on promoting the mobile-first approach, it will make it possible for your business to reach the relevant audience.

Since most of the online audience today are on mobile, you have to build a responsive mobile site that can be easily accessed by your site visitors. Moreover, you need to ensure that the loading speed of the mobile site is good and all the elements of your page load properly when opened on mobile devices.

Usually, mobile and local searches are inter-linked. E-commerce websites mainly get benefited from this approach.

Mobile First Approach - SEO

When it comes to promoting a business digitally through mobile, Mobile app development is one of the complex parts.

However, if you’ve got a desktop website, you can easily make it mobile-friendly.

All you need to do is to keep a tab on AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages). This is usually done to ensure that a higher rate of traffic would come to your website.

2. Fine-tune the UX

If you own a website, it’s essential for you to keep an account of whether your users or customers coming to your website and the mobile application, are satisfied with the interface or not?

You need to make sure that they aren’t facing any issue while navigating it, or while making a purchase. There shouldn’t be any kind of unnecessary pop-ups that blocks the view of the site or restrict users to scroll further. 

Fix UX Issues

These are crucial factors to consider if you’re trying to provide a good user experience.

If your users find your mobile site or web application satisfactory, they would recommend others to visit your website or install your mobile application as well. Ultimately, this would increase the traffic to your website.

3. A note on Keyword Research

SEO Keyword Research

Keyword Research is one of the simplest forms of Internet Marketing. Over the years, keyword research has retained as much importance as it used to have earlier.

Google AdWords Keyword Planner, LSI Graph, and AHREFs are some of the best tools to find and pick the keywords for your website’s content.

These tools would help you find the most effective keywords to use in your content.

4. Create a Unique Marketing Plan

Content Marketing Plan is one of the best White Hat SEO techniques that would help your business to grow.

If you want to get better traffic to your website, you need to create a marketing plan in such a way that it’s unique.

Create a Unique Marketing Plan

Content Marketing plays a vital role to create an impact on the audience and getting traffic.

It can pique the interest of people and prompt them to take interest in your products and services. With effective content marketing, you can also educate people about various aspects of your niche industry.

If you can successfully create a unique content strategy, this would make you stand out from the crowd.

5. Make use of Schema

Implement Structured Data - White Hat SEO

Do you know what is Schema? Well, a schema is a collection of tags in HTML, which you can easily add to a webpage.

When it comes to a schema, structured data markups provides a competitive edge to your website in search results. Whereas, microdata increases the CTR, and would drive more traffic to your website.

6. Link Building

White hat SEO link building lets to drive more traffic to your website. However, it should be done within limits and as per the guidelines laid out by the leading search engine giant, Google

Excessive building links could prove to be dangerous and would be counted as a Black Hat SEO technique.

Implement Link Building - White Hat SEO

In White Hat SEO, link building is all about connecting with the owners of other websites and requesting them to provide you a link back to your site content.

This is considered to be one of the best White Hat SEO practices to drive traffic to your website.

7. Image Search is a Way

Image Search is a Way

Image search is also one of the ways to drive traffic to your site. Images containing the ALT tags add crawlable content to your website’s page. Moreover, they appear in place of your image when they fail to load on your site.

Not only this, but it also improves the user experience of your website. You can even get traffic to your website through search results of images.

Final Words

It’s quite evident that White Hat SEO techniques are very much needed if you want to drive more traffic to your website. Follow the above-mentioned tips to improve your SEO rankings and stay away from Black Hat SEO that can earn you a penalty.


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