Links are said to be the fundamentals for any website because it combines several sites into one entity by creating a connection between them on the web.

You all learn that whatever you search on Google, it’s entirely based on links. Therefore, links help in developing relationships, which result in the growth of any business.

What is Link Building?

Link Building refers to the process of getting hyperlinks to a page on your website from other popular sites. Link building plays a vital role in the search engine optimization of a website.

It’s a skill that is necessary for the ranking of any website on Google. It enables users to navigate between different pages on the internet.

If your site has a link from an authoritative site, it’ll make your website rank higher on Google SERPs. However, you must keep in mind that getting links from other websites is of no use unless it’s from quality websites. It plays an essential role in achieving a higher rank through organic search.

How Important Link Building is for Your Website

Before implementing link building effectively, it is crucial to understand the importance of link building and its impact on the SEO of your website.

Let’s assume that you own a website, and you’re competing with another site that’s selling the same products and services.

Here, Google would take a look at the link popularity of your website to decide the ranking of your site.

This means that if one website is having more number of backlinks, as compared to the other site, it’ll have higher PageRank.

The term Link Popularity refers to the number of backlinks that are pointing to a particular website. No matter how many links are there for a website, each of them will have a separate count.

How to build quality backlinks

Do you know that you can build links either internally or externally? There are many ways that you can use for the link building to improve the rank.

The links are considered to be of high quality if they’re editorial, useful, and relevant. If the following three elements are present in a link, it means you have a link that is valuable for the ranking of your website.

Here, some of the best link building factors are given that would help you in attempting to rank a web page on Google. 

  • Anchor Text: In almost all the blog posts, there’ll be some text visible to the users. If the user clicks on that text, the link inside the quotation marks will get opened. Whenever you see text appearing in blue color, it means that the text has a backlink, and is clickable.
  • Quality of page sending the link: This is also one of the factors that matter is the quality of the page sending the link. Usually, the search engine gives preference to those pages that have links from quality websites and trusted pages. The rankings of the pages having quality backlinks will boost quickly.
  • The page to which link is to be passed: When you ask people to pass a link, they’ll usually agree to pass a link to your website’s homepage. However, if you’ll get a link to your homepage, it won’t be possible for the individual pages to achieve higher rankings. So, all you need to do is to make sure that you’re getting a backlink for a particular page

These three points mentioned above are the key factors of achieving higher rankings. To rank a page of your website, you need to be careful while determining what anchor text you should use and on which page.

White Label Link Building

If you are the owner of an SEO agency, many online businesses approach you for backlink building as they have limited resources to build quality links.

These businesses are definitely your prospective clients, but will you be able to deliver the results with the current in-house resource?

Some agencies fail to deliver up to the expectations of their clients who seek bulk authoritative backlinks in time. So, what’s the solution to this situation? The best answer for it is ‘White Label Link Building’ solutions.

The term white label is not uncommon in the search industry. SEO companies face similar situations time and again while dealing with bulk inquiries from the customers.

What is White Label Link Building?

White Label link building is the process wherein an SEO service provider builds backlinks for another SEO agency.

The service provider sends an unbranded report to the agency, which is typically called a White Label report.

By choosing white label link building services, the SEO agency can rebrand the report with their company particulars and send it across to the end client. The white-label service provider gives full ownership of the links built to the SEO agency.  

The notable thing about white label link building services is that it provides SEO agencies an affordable platform. They can expand the SEO business without huge investments, and they can fulfill client requirements without missing important deadlines.

Is your SEO agency trying to explore the scope of link building services? It is highly recommended to seek the support of white label link building agencies.

One reason why small SEO agencies and SEO consultants opt for white label link building services is to get the assistance of SEO outreach specialists. These specialists can build links for almost any niche business.

If your focus is to deliver excellent services to the clients, you definitely need the help of experts.

Quality White Label SEO services will ensure client satisfaction and growth of your SEO agency. Above all, most of the White Label SEO companies offer affordable link building packages.  

What are the Benefits of White Label Link Building?

1. High-Quality backlinks

White Label link building services can help your clients get organic traffic and ranking through 100% white hat link building techniques.

These companies use manual blogger outreach as a strategy to get in-content links for clients. The effective outreach process starts with collecting email addresses of niche relevant blogs and websites.

Doing manual email outreach, ensures high-quality links are built by publishing quality blog posts on authoritative sites. Though link building is a resource and time-intensive process, it is a potent SEO tool when it comes to boosting up the search ranking of your client’s website. 

2. Reduces cost

Using white label link building services will save you a lot of money. You’ll get a whole team of experts working for your clients.

In addition to this, the cost is usually lesser than paying a full-time in-house link building expert. So, it’s better to have a group of experts when you need them the most rather an idle in-house expert.

3. It helps you meet your deadlines

White label SEO agencies have a dedicated team of SEO experts to write great content and to build high-quality links through the guest blogs.  

This ensures that the task assigned to your agency gets done ahead of the deadline set by your client.

4. White Labels offer high proficiency

You can’t rush hiring experts for getting the job done as soon as a client approaches you.

Hiring link building experts in haste will consume money, efforts, and, most importantly, the time. Adding to it, finding the right candidate who can do the job is a humongous task.

In such cases, white label link building services will help you to get the best SEO results without any hassle.

Most of these experts have a niche portfolio and have established trusted relationships with niche-specific website owners. They are well-versed in building quality links with ease.

5. You make the clients super-happy

You may have a few happy clients who come back to you every time they have a requirement. What if they suddenly ask for a bulk link building service for which you don’t have the resources to support them?

Will you decline the opportunity or make them happy again with good SEO results?

If you have associated with a white label SEO provider, you will never hesitate to give a warm handshake to the clients. You can promise quality SEO services since you know you have the support of experts.

6. It helps in building your brand

The benefit of white label link building services is that your brand name can be mentioned in every report you get from them. This will help you build brand awareness and also enables you to enrich your portfolio with satisfied clients.

White label SEO agencies also offer whitepapers, along with other SEO guides. These help you pitch better sales and take your brand reputation to the next level.

You can use a robust portfolio to attain more clients and bring more business to your SEO agency. Moreover, your clients will never get to know that the links are created by White Label SEO agency.

Link building tactics that white label SEO agencies use

Ever since Google rolled out its Penguin algorithm update, link building became a serious business- something you can’t be fooling around with. It has been almost a decade, and the techniques of building links have evolved with time.

There are many ways you can build links to a website. However, it would only get overwhelming if you try to use all the link building techniques all at once.

This is why most white label link building SEO agencies keep it simple. Here’s a list of efficient link building techniques that white label SEO agencies use.

1. Competitor analysis

One of the easiest yet most effective ways of building links is by conducting an intense competitor analysis.

Competitor analysis is a strategic step by step process that pays off well. Here’s what you have to do to get links through competitor analysis.

First of all, find your competitors. For this, you can pick the first 100 keywords that generate the highest ROI and look for the websites that are ranking for those keywords. To keep it simple, select the top 3 competitors.

Once you know the competitors, load them into the Ahref tool to see where they are getting the quality links. Not all backlinks may be useful to you. So, filter the links based on the niche.

You also have to figure out various factors, like the domain authority of your competitor, so that you have a clearer picture of where you are heading.

Tools like Link Explorer can help you find the links on your competitor’s page. Once you know about the links and their sources, check the domain authority of the sources bringing in the links. 

Create an excel sheet wherein you can list out the sources from where you would wish to get links. Now, collect information about the source, like the webmaster’s name and email address, so that you can reach out to them to get backlinks.

Once you have all the information, send a customized email, mentioning the webmaster’s name and request for a backlink. Be very specific and to the point when you draft an email.

Once you send the email, you have a bunch of sources you have reached out to. If you have analyzed and picked websites that have the highest chances of giving you a backlink, you would be able to get a bunch of backlinks through this link building tactic.

2. Guest posts

If you are ready to write quality content for building links, guest posting can be a good way of doing that.

Guest posting allows you to publish relevant content on niche- related websites and, in return, get quality backlinks.

However, there are certain things you need to keep in mind while writing guest posts. Here’s how to build links through guest posting.

Step 1: List the websites that share your niche or publish content related to your industry. The sites that accept guest posts usually have a “write for us” section.

So, it would make sense to search “write for us” along with your industry type.

For example, “real estate” + “write for us” in the Google search box. Or, if your website is about traveling, you can type

Travel – “write for us” + “travel.”

Remember that you have to get niche-relevant links so that Google considers it as a high-quality backlink. It makes sense because you can’t write a travel-related guest post for a medical website.

Step 2: Ensure that the websites you write for have decent domain authority. The link that you get from a website with a low domain authority won’t do you any good. Moreover, they might even harm you.

Step 3: Try writing guest posts for websites that allow a link in the main body of the content.

Google gives more weight to in-content links rather than the links added in the author bio. Also, ensure that the website provides a do-follow link.

Step 4: When you have all these conditions fulfilled, you can send the webmaster an email addressing that you want to write a guest post for their website. Give them a few alternative guest post topics.

Step 5: Once they give you heads up, you can start writing the guest post by following the guidelines of the particular website. Once you are done, you submit the post, images, and links.

4. Infographics

Infographics are a great way to attract more people. It’s proven that pictographic information wins over plain text.

If you have a graphic designer, building high-quality backlinks using infographics is easy. The most crucial step to get backlinks is to promote your infographic the right way. For achieving a better result, share it through all the social media channels.

In addition to this, you should look out for influencers related to your industry who share infographics on their websites or social profiles regularly. Contact those influencers by sending an email or DM.

However, instead of directly asking for a share, take their feedback on your infographic. If influencers find your infographic impressive, they will share it, and you would get a backlink from them.

Another way to promote your infographic is through email marketing. For this again, you need to look for bloggers who publish infographics on their websites regularly.

You can check for backlinks pointing to your competitor’s infographics and find the bloggers who link to them. Request those bloggers to share your infographic on their page and give you a backlink.

Image Link Building

Building links on images can only be useful only if you have many pictures on your website, especially of your own. This is because it makes no sense of claiming the photos on the internet that you don’t own.

Are you available on the resources? If yes, then take photos from there. All the B2C companies have the option of taking pictures of their products and services if they are just retailers or distributors.

If yours is a B2B company, then you can take photographs of your products along with your employees.

You can also ask your customers to get photographed while using your services.

Other than images, you can create charts, icons, infographics. However, you’ve to make sure that whatever design you’re creating, it should be unique so that no one can claim their ownership on them.

Additionally, while creating your designs, keep in mind that the people on the web can easily search those designs.

Tactics of Image Link Building

There are several ways and tactics of image link building. Some of the effective tactics and techniques for various types of websites are given here.

Reclamation of the Image Link

To start with your image link building campaign, create an inventory of your images. You can use the photos of your products, the logo of your business, pictures of your employees, or even blog banners.

Search for websites that used these images. You can do so by using the tools of reverse image search like Tineye or Image Raider.

You need to upload the image, or you can just put the URL of your image. Once it is in place, your tool will search for images similar to the uploaded picture, along with the names of websites that have used them.

Once you have the list of websites, contact them via emails and request them to link back your website to the images they used.

Promote your Infographics

Although the linkability of infographics has decreased in the past few years, these are still on the top when it comes to the link building strategy.

There are numerous ways of building the links using the infographics such as:

  • Picking a topic: Selecting a subject for your infographic is the first step to make it highly linkable. Make sure that you find a topic that interests your readers. Also, take into consideration the issues on which other websites have already created an infographic.
  • Do quick research: Once you are done with selecting a topic, do quick research to create an outline that helps you in organizing the information you will get.
  • Write your infographic: Use the information available to you while writing your infographic. You might lack some information. What you can do is go back to the step of researching to balance all the data available to you. Make sure that the information is easily understandable and digestible.
  • Create a design: Before beginning with designing your infographic, research for the ways how you can visually translate the information. Try to use all the elements efficiently to tell the story logically. In your infographics, add the company’s logo and the contact details.
  • Publish and Promote: Upload your design and include the embed code below it while publishing it, so that other websites are encouraged to credit you with a link. You can use Siegemedia to generate an embed code for your infographic.

Then promote it on all the social media channels to earn natural links to your infographic.

Submit the Infographic

Well, there are many free infographic websites available where you can promote not only your infographic but also get a link for it.

Some of the top websites for infographic submission includes Infographic Portal, Infographic List, Infographic Journal, Graphicpedia, and many others. This can help you in effective image link building.

Co-creation of Infographic

Are you looking out for the ways to partner with some big companies for links and brand-equity? If yes, co-creating the infographic is one of the best ideas. You can offer such companies to turn their articles ranking on the top into an infographic.

While designing it, keep in mind to make it look like a collaborative one by using their style and design guidelines. You will get a link from your partner website that would increase your network and brand equity as well.

Memes are on trend!

It’s easy to create memes and they are extremely popular these days. Memes can be a powerful asset of the image link building.

The main idea is for creating the memes that would be fun to read, and other people are interested in using your memes in their blog posts. The success of memes tactics entirely depends on the humor and the relatability.

Compile your images and listicles

One of the most common tactics of building the links is to target the resource pages and the listicles. You can also use this tactic for the image link building. The challenge is to find the opportunity to compile the images about a single category.

Pinterest is one of the best platforms to help you find the number of images of a particular product, and there you’ll find many pinned images coming from the listicles.

Search for a specific category on Pinterest, and check all the images that are pinned on the top. Look for images that aren’t uploaded by your competitors, and visit the website to get their contact details.

Once you’re available with the details, reach out to them to ask them to include your images in their article.


White label link building services can add power to an SEO agency. The demand for white hat link building services is on a surge due to the importance the search engines provide to high-quality links.

Link building is a long process, but it is for the benefit of your website. Proper white label link building carried out by experts will help in improving your website traffic. 

So, the next time a client approaches you with a challenging link building project, don’t hesitate. Find the best affordable white label link building agency to help you in delivering the service that your clients signed up.