White Label SEO Services Are So Famous, But Why?

white label SEO services

Are you a digital marketer? Do you know about the current digital marketing industry scenario?

If yes, it’s obvious that you’re looking to leverage it for your company’s profit. You might think of doing it by providing good SEO services to your clients and improve the potential of your agency.

To provide so, you need to have an expert SEO team in the crib as SEO is a complex task and to be successful in it you need an experienced team of professionals.

However, at times, even though you don’t have SEO experts when clients approach you for SEO services, most often than not, you end up taking it, because you don’t like to lose a client or how Frank Underwood says, “when money’s coming your way you don’t ask any questions.”

In these cases, though you don’t boast the needed SEO expertise, you just hope that providing SEO services won’t be that hard and you’ll easily fulfill the client’s requirements.

After a few days of doing SEO without a team of experts, you might find it difficult to get organic traffic and high-quality backlinks for the clients.

Then what happens is, you gaze at the client’s disappointment and frustration of not getting the desired result.

It’s the typical story of numerous agencies – either they provide services not to lose on a client without understanding SEO rubric, or wander around learning SEO instead of concentrating on the core competency of the organization.

You might think that there’s no getting away from this situation. However, there’s a solution to this issue – White Label SEO.

White label SEO helps you outsource the entire gamut of SEO services to a trustworthy SEO specialist. In the meantime, it allows you to gather more clients and deliver them the best SEO services without thinking much about hiring a team of SEO experts for your organization. It’s the best win-win option for everybody if executed correctly.

In this post, I’ll be taking you through the basics of what White label SEO services are, why adapt to it, what are its benefits, and how you could find a good SEO reseller partner.

What is White Label SEO?

When the agencies that possess SEO resources and experts provide SEO services to other agencies like marketing and development agencies, it can be white-labeled by them giving it back to their clients, such a service is called the White Label SEO Services (also known as SEO RESELLER PROGRAM).

white label SEO reseller program

A white/private label SEO services provider basically boasts highly skilled SEO experts who can deliver best search results in the different search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.

Usually, the public relation skills of SEO service providers will be good. Their long-term relationship with various editors, writers, and publishers are used to get high-quality backlinks to the website on a tremendous scale.

Moreover, at times, when they feel you don’t have content, their expert copywriters will be capable enough of providing you with high-quality content. Generally, a private label SEO SEO services company will provide a normal dashboard to the clients which helps them order content/links and track their progress. Sometimes, this dashboard is also white labeled, which allows you to show the progress to your clients.

In other words, SEO reseller services providers are those who help you provide SEO services to clients without any glitch or hiring actual SEO experts in the company. They release the burden of search engine optimization off your head and let you rejoice the profits from the clients.

However, as a digital marketer, you know that nothing is as simple as it sounds.

So, let’s explore the notions of private label SEO reseller services in detail below.

Why should your SEO work be outsourced?

There are a plethora of advantages in using the white label SEO reseller program.

  • Outsourcing SEO reduces cost

According to various surveys on Google, the average hourly rate of an SEO consultant is above $150. In case of using a consultant at on/off process, it goes up to $200 per hour. Another survey by Moz states that the average hourly rate of SEO experts across the world is above $100 per hour.

Although you can cut down rates by hiring SEO consultants from Freelancers and Upwork for as low as $20-$30 per hour, the efforts put by them to get the craved results are least likely.

The best option you have is to outsource SEO, which costs you around $100/hour, but it definitely gives you the much-desired results.

Outsourcing SEO reduces cost

Well, what happens if you get in-house SEOs, thinking other SEO services are costly?

Surely, the financial management won’t be feasible here. The SEO is the key factor in ranking the business high and the most well-known digital marketers play against each other to achieve the top spot. Hiring an in-house SEO will put you back by about $76000.

white label SEO reduces cost

Even if you find the right talent in SEO, the pay demand any individual SEO expert is high. Moreover, hiring the SEO specialists for in-house and training them in SEO is not viable all the time.

 So, outsourcing to white label SEO company is the option that gives you best results at lower costs.

  • SEO is a decisive service

Being a digital marketer, you know that, though the market is social media dominated, the victory of a business depends upon how good the SEO tactics are incorporated into it. The survey on the various industry budgets depicted that more than 45 percent of the marketers wanted to increase the SEO budget in 2018.

SEO is in huge demand because it benefits every industry in B2B and B2C sectors.

Ascend2, a marketing research firm, surveyed that SEO is the second leading marketing option in the B2C sector, right below the e-mail marketing. You might be fascinated to know that the budget spent on SEO-related stuff will mount up to 80 billion dollars by 2020. The bottom line is that the success of a business lies in SEO, also making it a crucial factor. Hence, the investment keeps mounting up and the urge for SEO services is expected peak more in the upcoming years.

Either you lack an experienced SEO team or need to focus on new clients, outsourcing the tasks to white label SEO agencies will help you obtain immaculate results. Also, it saves most of your time and energy to find the new potential clients.

  • SEO is complex

As the complexity of Google algorithms grows, the complexity of SEO follows as well. Previously, when Google ranked pages by just crawling and searching for backlinks and anchor texts, the SEO was done just by purchasing some backlinks and stuffing keywords in the content. However, Google algorithm at present comprises of the most complex code ever created. It’s made up of more than 2 billion lines of codes, which is still mounting.

It has combined services that are very useful to the users such as Gmail, G-drive, Google Plus, etcetera. It means that understanding Google code itself is complex. To add to the misery, Google algorithm updates, ever-emerging risk AI, and the rich snippets account for Google algorithm’s complexity.

All these add up to make any SEO Specialist life very difficult. The responsibilities of SEO experts will be more than ever. It’s their job to keep a check on every tiny algorithm update released, find a way to cope with it, build relationships, surf link building opportunities, and create and curate high-quality content regularly.

However, the SEO is very complicated in sub-SEO-areas like local searches. It is because of the stiff competition between the local businesses. Surveys by more than 60 percent SEO proved that ranking in local search is very hard.

Bottom line: SEO is crucial and complex but still it’s a widely sought-after service and profitable as well. Unless you have experience in SEO, it will be difficult to offer scalable services. This means, more the profits, the happier are your clients.

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Other major services that White Label SEO Providers can help you with

Link building is not the only service offered by private label SEO providers. Typically, the SEO reseller service providers operate just like the tradition SEO agencies. You can, however, utilize all of them in your SEO services, including the following:

On-page Analysis:

The first step in the SEO is the on-page analysis of a website. Typically, the SEO reseller services agency provides you with free on-page analysis. This helps you find you the best possible opportunities that boost up your client site rank in the search engines.

Keyword Research:

Instead of struggling to find high-ranking keywords, pass it onto private label SEO service providers to fetch some profitable keywords. You can cross-check the prepared keywords with clients to come up with a strategy to meet their expectations.

White Label Local SEO:

The private label SEO service providers help you come out of the tedious and manual local SEO aspects. They help you create citations, optimize business listings, and help you secure top ranks in the Google maps search results.

Link building:

This is the most important factor for every business that is operating online today. SEO reseller service enables link building. They possess better PR skills, have the tactics to build quality backlinks ranging from available low-profile links and broken links to blogger outreach/guest blogging.

Content development

The SEO reseller services companies also possess a team of creative content copywriters or freelancers to develop content which is creative, effective, and intriguing to the audience. The content is created as per the SEO standards which might boost up your web page rankings.

Indisputable Benefits of using White Label SEO Services

The basic necessity of using private label SEO reseller services is – strengthened experts, time to concentrate on acquiring more clients, more profits, and the less workload.

Despite that, there are many other benefits as well, which include:

  •  You can focus on your aptitude

If you’re the firm who works in development and design but not SEO, then focus on what you know.

SEO, as you know is very complicated. You shouldn’t spend time worrying about getting the traffic or quality backlinks. All you should worry about is two things:

  1. Acquiring more and more clients
  2. And providing your services to those clients

With expertise in SEO, private label SEO providers will take care of SEO related work and provide the results you crave for.

  • You can achieve scalable outcomes

You should understand the difference between ‘outcomes’ and ‘scalable outcomes’. Imagine you have a freelancer who gives your clients 10 quality backlinks. What if the clients ask for the hundreds of backlinks, then it becomes a mammoth task. But you need a team of experts to carry out a procedure to drive SEO activity.

As the SEO service providers have established SEO strategies, they can create content, perceive every link building opportunity, and leverage their PR skills to procure ‘scalable outcomes’ to the clients just as you promised.

  • Competency to focus on all sectors

When a client comes to you for a service in which you don’t have any expertise, what do you do? This is where the SEO reseller program allows you to say ‘YES’ to every client who approaches you.

As the private label SEO service providers have experience of working with numerous clients, they possess vast expertise in diverse sectors. It means you can easily serve the needs of your clients.

  • You can get reseller services only when you need

Typically, having an in-house SEO is useless unless you get clients who need SEO services. Even though you can hire freelancers, they, unfortunately, ask for an advance or a retainer.

You can get rid of such issues by choosing the right SEO reseller service providers. They operate for their clients only, ‘on-demand’.

Typically, there’ll be no contracts or agreements with them, so you get what you need when you need it. This means that you don’t have to pay extra. It means lower costs and more profits.

  • You can ignore purchasing SEO tools

I guess you know that SEO tools are supremely expensive. According to a survey, it costs an agency around $10000 per year for SEO tools subscription. The survey of Moz on 400 marketers reports that more than 70 percent of the digital marketers spend more than $1000 dollars on SEO tools. So, choosing private label SEO agencies will save your expenses on SEO tools.

  • It’s not your job to build relationships

Being in the market, it’s likely that you have relationships in the certain sector you’re in.  For instance, you know content developers, webmasters, and the chief editors of the law-firms sector. Let’s assume you acquire a client from a different sector. In order for you to provide them with an excellent SEO service, you need to build PR with content developers, webmasters, and editors.

It may not seem that hard, but when you acquire multiple clients of multiple sectors, building PR becomes a hectic job. It’s the reason why many agencies stick to single sector potential. However, you can make use of SEO reseller service providers. They have a flair for relationships across numerous sectors. You can acquire as many clients as possible and leverage SEO reseller services providers’ relationships to provide marvelous services to your clients.

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Important Insights

White label SEO services are the gateway to attain less overhead with more profits for the agencies. It allows the agencies to concentrate on their core competency and acquire numerous clients from different sectors.

The numbers of private label SEO agencies have risen over the years due to the advent of the digital market. Thus, it can be tricky to discover the perfect private label  SEO service provider for you.

If you are looking for best white label SEO packages of high quality at affordable prices have a look at the list of services offered by Stan Ventures

Well, if you’ve got any more fascinating facts on SEO reseller service providers, drop in your comments to have a pleasant discussion.



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