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Learn the ins and outs of how to do blogger outreach and get high-quality backlinks. This is not just another old-fashioned link building video but an agency-standard that will help you earn links naturally.

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Verified Moz DA 10+ Sites Verified Moz DA 20+ Sites Verified Moz DA 30+ Sites Verified Moz DA 40+ Sites Verified Moz DA 50+ Sites
What’s included: Everything in DA 10+, and:
Everything in DA 20+, and: Everything in DA 30+, and: Everything in DA 40+, and:
100% Genuine Outreach 100% Genuine Outreach Contextual pre anchor text 600+ Words Quality Content 750+ Words Quality Content
Spam Free Links Spam Free Links Higher Keyword Density Article Link from Traffic Generating blog Reputed Niche Author
500+ Words Quality Content 500+ Words Quality Content White Label Reporting Reputed Niche Author Aged Domain
Authority Backlink Permanent Authority Backlink Link Recovery Support Secured Links Topic Modelling
1 Anchor Text / Target URL 1 Anchor Text / Target URL SEO Audit by Experts TAT – 3 to 4 weeks Site with social shares
100% Money-Back Guarantee 100% Money-Back Guarantee You Approve Websites Monitor Spam Score Focus Keyword in Blog URL
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Need a Powerful Backlink Service?

If you have big plans for your business, we can help you with our custom blogger outreach plans that will speed up your journey to accomplish business goals.

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Our blogger outreach service helps websites in all niches to rank higher on search engines.

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100% Risk-Free SEO Service

Don’t Worry. Your Money is safe with us until we make you happy.

Whenever you buy backlinks from Stan Ventures, you are covered under our 100% Money-Back Guarantee policy.

If it doesn’t spark joy, get rid of it.

We understand that hard-earned money shouldn’t be wasted on anything that dissatisfies you. As a responsible organization, we are committed to giving you a 100% money-back if we fail to deliver as promised. No Questions Asked!

Pradeep Kumaar,
CEO, Stan Ventures

100% Risk-Free SEO Service

Don’t Worry. Your Money Stays With You Until We Make You Happy
Whenever you buy an SEO service from Stan Ventures, you are covered under our 100% Money-Back Guarantee policy.

If it doesn’t spark joy, get rid of it.

We understand that hard-earned money shouldn’t be wasted on anything that dissatisfies you. As a responsible organization, we are committed to giving you a 100% Money-Back if we fail to deliver as promised. No Questions Asked!

Pradeep Kumaar,
CEO, Stan Ventures

A streamlined Blogger Outreach process

How it Works?

We offer premium quality backlinks by publishing native content on real blogs. If you’re not happy with our white hat backlinks service, let us know & we’ll happily refund 100% of your order amount. No questions asked.


You share the anchor text to be used for building backlinks.

We shortlist niche-specific blogs based on 20+ link metrics.

You choose the websites based on the ones we have shortlisted.

Our native writer will draft your outreach content.

Your backlinks are placed on the sites that you have selected.

Affordable Pricing

Our Indo-American expertise makes it possible to deliver result-oriented blogger outreach services at an affordable price.

Superior Quality

The quality of links and content you get is unmatched. This way, your website will always rank on top of search engine results.

Seamless Process

The process we have is time tested. You can now experience the same process that brought success to thousands of businesses.

On-Time Delivery

Got bulk SEO orders that require a helping hand from experts? Our in-house SEO team makes sure your orders are delivered on-time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of keywords can I use as my anchor texts?

When choosing the keywords, it is best to identify the ones that are already ranking for your website. If you find target keywords ranking on the second and third page of Google SERP, these are the ideal keywords that you must focus on as the anchor text. In addition to this, if you want to rank a money page, use buyer intended keywords rather than informational. The best scenario to use informational keywords is when you try to rank a blog post.

Do you do blogger outreach for all niches?

We don’t do manual blogger outreach and guest posts for adult websites. Other than that, we can publish guest posts related to almost any niche on content relevant websites with proven online authority.

What if my new backlinks go down?

The guest post links built using blogger outreach strategy are permanent and remain intact even after the termination of your contract. If you find backlinks removed, which has the rarest of the rare chance, we guarantee 100% Money-Back or link replacement.

Can I see the outreach article before publishing?

Yes! You can always have a look at any article before it’s published. We can also make any minor revisions if you need it before publishing. Since we are engaged in real blogger outreach, the quality of the articles remain high-quality, and the request for revisions are always minimal.

Can I get some samples before placing my order?

Yes, We will provide you with sample domains where your links will be placed.

Can I get a free consultation before placing my order?

Sure! All you need to do is use the above link to book your preferred time and date for the call and we’ll get right back to you. We love making new connections!

What is your typical turnaround time?

It depends on the size of your order. Since our strategy is supported by blogger outreach, we can fulfill your orders within 3 weeks. Thanks to our 20,000+ inventory of real bloggers, the quantity doesn’t delay the delivery. You can check the progress of the task in the dashboard that we provide you.

Will I get editorial backlinks on relevant blogs?

Yes! High-quality articles written by our native writers are scalable and will naturally attract the attention of sought-after publishers. The DA+Traffic packages offer editorial quality backlinks through real blogger outreach campaigns. These are sites where your target audience spends a lot of time, which means there is a high chance of you increasing your brand reputation. Additionally, you get referral traffic and boost organic rankings for the target keywords.

How many Links do I need to rank?

This depends on the niche industry that you want to rank. If you have a business with high competition, the number of links required may increase. But in general, if you can get ten high domain authority links, let’s say above DA 80+, it’s equal to thousand DA 20+ links. Stan’s Guest Posting Service can offer links ranging from DA 20+ to DA 80+.

Are the Link Placements Permanent?

Yes. Unlike some SEO agencies that buy links, we try to earn them through quality guest posts. This strategy will ensure that your links stay live forever.