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Traffic drop after Google Florida 2 update?

Did Google Florida 2 Update hit your website? Are you finding it hard to figure out the reason why your site lost traffic and rankings? We can help you to recover your website using our tried and tested SEO strategies. You can request a free website audit, and we will give you a step-by-step process to get your site back to the top position on Google search.

Here is what we know about Google Florida 2 Update

  • We found that websites that failed to follow Google E A T practices lost rankings.
  • Sites that used PBNs to rank high are now feeling the drop in traffic.
  • Sites with thin content that got an undue rank boost after the Medic Update are once again down.
  • Sites with high-quality content and authority backlinks are back on top of Google after they were hit by Medic update.
  • Websites that followed SEO best-practices benefited from the Google Florida 2 Update.
  • We found 40 to 50% increase in organic traffic for our clients after implementing our proven SEO techniques.

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