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A brand new financial website wants to do SEO from scratch to beat high-authority competitors. The road to success needs a concrete strategy, and that is what we delivered precisely.

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About the Client

Harbor Life Settlements is a life settlement company based in Texas. The company focuses on giving customers the best cash price for their life insurance policy. The customers of Harbor Life Settlements benefit by getting a lump sum payment for their insurance without having to consult a broker.

Since Life Insurance settlements can be frustrating for the target audience, the company wants to assure to the clients that they will get the best price possible without having to go through a tedious and time-consuming process.

Harbor Life
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Challenges we faced

Harbor Life Settlements was a relatively new single-paged website. The company founders were quite apprehensive about not being able to move up to the first page of Google search rankings. They also knew that the competitors were driving thousands of visitors each day, and the majority of these users were doing business with them.

With a single-paged website, we found it almost impossible to rank the website. We recommended adding a few more pages to the site, such as: About Us, Contact Us, and four Pillar pages for the services they provided. And since their main concern was traffic, we also recommended adding a blog section to the website.

Our strategy here was to add Cluster blogs that can help the pillar content rank higher on Google's organic search. Apart from this, the website had zero referring domains, which meant we had to build the page’s authority from scratch.

Bespoke Solutions Based on Goals

The immediate goal of Harbor Life Settlements was to boost targeted organic traffic to generate more leads that can result in client conversion. No matter how good a product or service is, if people have no idea that the company exists, all the hard work of the team would be in vain.

It is for this reason that SEO is critical to the success of a company. Driving traffic and expanding reach should remain a top priority.

Competitor Analysis

Since the website did not receive organic traction before they approached us, we used competitor analysis as the first step after doing the preliminary site audit. The site audit was much easier as they only had a single page.

After doing the Competitor Analysis, the results showed that Harbor Life Settlement’s competitors were generating a majority of their organic traffic through blogs. We also found that the money pages of the competitors were optimized for buyer intent keywords, and there were more conversions from these pages.

In addition to this, the competitors were also authoritative in terms of the backlinks they generated. It was revealed that most of the competitors built backlinks through blogger outreach campaigns.

Content Requirement

With zero blogs published, the content requirement was placed as a priority, and our native financial content experts soon took charge. Four pillar content pages with 2500+ words were published, and supporting clusters were added over a period of one month.

Guest Post Outreach

As the content was getting ready, our outreach team was in full-swing, manually reaching out to top financial blogs and websites for guest post opportunities. Over 300 emails were sent, with 85% of them resulting in positive responses. The blogs were written and published on these sites via the drip-feed strategy. Over a period of two months, guest blogs were published on over 200 niche-specific websites.

The Impact

Over a span of three months, Harbor Life Settlements started generating quality traffic through Google, and their sales numbers started increasing monthly. The site now has 20 solid pages, stemming from the four Pillar pages. To date, they are driving thousands of users who plan to sell their life insurance policy.

After the drip-feed was complete, the site started ranking on top of Google SERP. It was evident that the buyer intent keywords that were used as the anchors for the guest posts were effective. Now, Harbor Life Settlement is one of the leading players in the Life Settlements industry in the US, and they are ranking on the #1 position for the top competitive keywords in the industry.

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