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A brand new financial website wants to do SEO from scratch to beat high-authority competitors. The road to success needs a concrete strategy, and that is what we delivered precisely.

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About the Client

Healthy Hemp Oil provides CBD-based products to its target audience in the US. All the products sold by Healthy Hemp Oil offer a diverse range of benefits to the users concerning physical and general well-being. All the products sold by Healthy Help Oil are clinically and FDA approved.

Headquartered in Philadelphia, Healthy Hemp Oil required an SEO strategy that could penetrate their target market.

Stan Ventures

Challenges we faced

Healthy Hemp Oil had previously hired an SEO agency, which happened to burn a hole in their pockets without delivering results. At some point, the agency stopped replying to their queries, and this was the time when the website started losing its traffic.

Stan Ventures came to their rescue, and their in-depth SEO Audit gave Healthy Hemp Oil a glimpse of what went wrong, along with the negative impact this loss of traffic could have if not fixed immediately.

Bespoke Solutions Based on Goals

After approaching Stan Ventures, a complete website audit was done, which included both technical and non-technical SEO analysis. After a thorough review, it was found that the website had much more potential to have targeted organic traffic that can qualify as leads. The site cleared the tests on all other SEO aspects like Google penalties and keyword stuffing.

However, the project became challenging when we discovered that the site had numerous spam-like backlinks built behind the scenes. All of these shady links results in a lower rank in Google. The reason is the search engines will deem that the site is not credible.

The main point of backlinks is to boost website authority as this tells the clients that the site is reputable and trustworthy. Trust equates to better sales and assured loyalty.

Disavowing Backlinks

With 100+ spammy backlinks pointing to the site, Stan Ventures had to resort to Google’s Disavow tool. A lot of effort was exerted to manually contact the website owners, requesting them to remove the link. In the majority of the cases, the links were built through the PBNs owned by the previous agency they worked with.

Competitor Analysis

After shortlisting the top 4 competitor websites that were featured in the Google organic search, an in-depth analysis based on the niche industry was conducted. It became evident that the critical traffic-driving factor of Heatlhy Hemp Oil’s competitors was Quality Content published on their blog pages.

Content Requirement

After a detailed session was conducted with the client to understand their priorities and industry benchmarks, a content plan was devised. (This is why Stan Ventures loves working with clients who have specific goals.) The content plan was approved and our native writers in the wellness niche were entrusted to write the content based on the inputs provided by the client.

Guest Post Outreach

By the time the content was underway, outreach specialists at Stan Ventures had already gotten a solid list of top-notch wellness websites and blogs to publish the guest posts. The criteria for them to filter the website was not only the Domain Authority (DA). They also relied on the kind of organic traction the site receives so that the client also gets referral traffic.

Stan Ventures believe that the sites with genuine organic traffic have Google’s trust and passes better link juice. All the more, DA is just a metric that Moz uses, and there is no guarantee that the client can receive referral traffic.

The Impact

In 30 days, the SEO campaign was completed. It was the same old feeling of deja vu when Google announced the Birthday Update as forecasted; and then, boom! Our wellness client ranked in the top positions in Google search for every single keyword we focused on.

Furthermore, the site started ranking in the #1 position of Google for close to 50 LSI keywords. In total, from the mere 353 keywords that were ranking, the site took a giant leap and ranked for 31.3k keywords—a triumphant victory for both, the clients and the team.

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