Your patience has paid off! Now we’ve got a fully functional office set up with talented employees to deliver the quality work you have always imagined. Let the scaling begin!


Management of people has always been our strength. We take the utmost care in nurturing them. Stan Ventures replicates the onboarding process followed back in the parent company; we understand your process and provide the same feeling of confidence and support to every person joining the Indian office. Our onboarding process covers every aspect of the parent company’s values, vision and culture, and gives them a clear idea on what the organization expects from them and how can they achieve it.


The business market has started looking into additional certifications, which brands the organization to the next level. One of the most valued certification bodies, aside from the technical certifications, is the ISO. There are various versions of the ISO concentrating on specific areas of the organization, from data security to delivery quality. Stan Ventures helps your organization become certified in order to increase your market value from the client’s point-of-view.


There are a couple of things which mark the status of a complete Indian subsidiary: getting your company name registered and incorporated, and RBI clearance certification and having our official bank account for the Indian subsidiary. Stan Ventures takes full responsibility for getting this done and will keep you posted every step of the way. With all the necessary certifications and clearances in hand, your Indian subsidiary with a registered name and workers appointed as per your expectations will start the operations of the office, we are now officially open for business.