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Who doesn’t love a one-stop shop? When it comes to scaling your business, Stan Ventures provides you with a versatile 360-degree service feature which focuses on every area from Human Resource Management, Accounting and Operations to measuring the efficiency of the establishment.


The success and efficiency of every organization relies on all workers sharing the organization’s vision and working to achieve a common goal. India is one of the leading producers of creative professionals in the education market, and their passion towards learning and creative implementation of concepts is unique. Stan Ventures has a stand-alone recruitment team that has devised various assessment tests for potential workers. The Stan Ventures talent acquisition team never makes a bad hire.


Setting up a subsidiary in India involves paperwork, which sure can make a newbie super mad. Stan Ventures will make this paperwork a breeze. We have a strong accounting and management team that works on these legal formalities day in and day out. It is important for a foreign investor in India to understand the tax planning, asset and liability issues concerning the Indian government and international tax rules. We, as an extended team, will walk you through the procedures, and advise you with the best practices for a perfect entry strategy into India. Let’s make it a walk in the park!


Stan Ventures also covers the responsibility of finding a perfect setting for your subsidiary. We have the perfect real estate expert team that scouts in and out to select the best office space for the organization to occupy. Bangalore is one city in India that embodies the “work hard, play hard” culture. You’ll find busy streets on Friday and Saturday evening, so you can enjoy yourself after five days of hard work. However, for those five days, we help you customize your office space, from the interior design to security features, making sure that we replicate the exact environment of your home office. Our responsibility is to ensure that the atmosphere shows your professionalism. We will substantiate the entire search with photographs and videos of the office spaces that qualify.


Will you be requiring the latest technology processors with a supporting motherboard and a high-end graphics card in a workstation for your Design and Development job? Is a sleek, yet powerful Mac required for the app development projects, or do the projects involve a large-scale data migration/ warehousing with huge servers? Name it, and we’ll have the setup installed with a high-end dedicated Internet line, making your work go even smoother. We have sensible technology advisors in the office, who will help you with the utilities required for the office space, from simple biometric access to a high-end server farm. Your requirements shall be our Bible to follow.


An operations team is essential for a properly functioning office. Stan Ventures takes over the entire burden of operating the office for you, under your terms and conditions. We promise you scalability and efficiency with the Indian subsidiary. Stan Ventures’ team takes care of human resource management, accounting, IT infrastructure setup and maintenance, building security maintenance, and work efficiency management, around the clock. We understand the pulse of the Indian IT brigade and clearly know what makes them tick, and what doesn’t. This understanding helps us to keep energy and productivity levels high. Another point that we strictly adhere to is the branding that goes into the subsidiary company – we take meticulous care in keeping the branding and the business outlook as close as possible to that of the parent firm.


We believe that transparency in finances is the key to maintaining a long-lasting successful business relationship. All finances and expenses will be made clearly visible to the parent company, substantiated with all the valid bills and documents. All monetary transactions, audits, salaries, etc., involving the office operations are taken care of by us, but you still hold the reins.

TRANSPARENCY is the word when it comes to the way we manage finances. Any past data about transactions that you wish to see will be made available. We believe that transparency and trust lies on the same plane; when either one is enhanced, the other naturally gets enhanced as well.