STAN No-Risk Offshore RPO

Stan No-Risk Offshore RPO saves businesses from the hassles of in-house recruitment giving them opportunity to close requirements quickly. Our service spins around finding the best talent and saving time, cost, and efforts of clients so they can make more money. Not a long term contract, we aspire to build long term association.

No-Risk, High Returns

Collaborating with Stan will bring you across an Offshore RPO firm that showcases performance-based culture, quality, and professionalism. With our transparent and a well-defined recruitment model, we meet the Risk-free norm quite easily and assure to grow your returns for a smaller time and investment as compared to other Offshore RPO services. Have a look at detailed features, advantages of Stan Dedicated RPO as compared to all RPO companies.


We work with companies across America in IT, telecom, engineering, healthcare, finance , accounting, sales and what makes us one of the preferred choices globally is our dedication to simplify recruiting process. Joining us entitles you of following undeniable paybacks:

  • 100% Guaranteed Return from Sourcing & Recruitment services
  • No Risk on dedicated resources outlay
  • 90 Days Full Refund Policy (if no single recruitment takes place via Stan dedicated sources/recruiters)
  • Dedicated Sourcing officials & recruiters work on multiple requirements simultaneously
  • 10 days trial to check the quality of Dedicated Resources on Sourcing & Recruitment support.
Feature/ Advantages
 All RPO Companies
 Stan Dedicated RPO
Monthly Retainer Charge
$1800 - $2200/month
$1399 to $1699/month
Savings on Return
60% Additional Expense
45% to 60% Comparative Savings
Job Boards Access & Payments
$400 to $500/month extra per Access
We don’t charge for Job Boards & Access
Placement Guarantee
No such Guarantee
Guaranteed Placement within 60 days
Placement Promises
Lots of false exaggeration
We stick with reality
Commissions per Closure
$500 to $750/Closure
No Need of Placement Bonus
ROI Promise
No Return is promised
90 days full Refund Policy
Notice period to end Contract
30 to 45 days
No such limitations
Requirements Handling
Not Flexible
Flexible as per your expectations
Risk Factor
100% Risk for your side
100% Risk on us, it’s our commitment!

Get Relieved From The Risk of Offshore Recruitment Placement Outsourcing

Our team uses latest tools to find and contact more candidates and follows a systematized recruiting methodology to improve your hiring process. From sourcing to filtering and final enrolment, our guiding principle aims at meeting clients’ needs so aptly that we do not just deliver a service but develop a long term association too.

Best part of Stan No-Risk Offshore Sourcing & Recruitment Services

90 Days full refund

No other reputed offshore sourcing & recruitment company will offer you full refund but it is a promise to our client that no matter what, we will meet your desired objectives within 90 days and if not so, you will lose nothing as Stan’s No-Risk Offshore RPO comes with 90 Days full refund.

Riskfree Investment

We are committed to deliver riskfree service so we take all risk on us and keep our clients safe. They pay us only after recruitment needs are met perfectly and the candidate gets placed in the company.


You get constant support of a dedicated team including Account Managers who work 24X7 for resolving communication gaps. And they also work closely with the team to understand your expectations for delivering 100% satisfied service.

Unlimited Scalability

Stan No-Risk Offshore RPO is an ideal way to grow your sourcing & recruiting team. We scale up your business and team capacity and give you more time to focus on high-value tasks.

Stan No-Risk Offshore RPO assures high revenue in exchange of low investment. Associating with us will give special attention to your recruiting process and make certain that all requirements are met aptly. Check our STAN P4P RPO MODEL to learn more.

Dedicated Team

Fee Structure

Dedicated Sourcer 1399$/month
Dedicated Recruiter 1699$/month

Dedicated Resources will deliver expected results with profitable returns.

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