Stan P4P RPO is known for the pay for performance-based culture clubbed with quality and professionalism. Associating with Stan will bring you across a dedicated team that always works to ensure that clients make money. Our clients not only trust us to create more value for their business but for high returns on their investment too. We strive to fulfill their requirements and deliver all that is promised.

0% risk & 0$ investments No need of money until placement closure

How it works?

Setting up a subsidiary in India involves paperwork, which sure can make a newbie super mad. Stan Ventures will make this paperwork a breeze. We have a strong accounting and management team that works on these legal formalities day in and day out. It is important for a foreign investor in India to understand the tax planning, asset and liability issues concerning the Indian government and international tax rules. We, as an extended team, will walk you through the procedures, and advise you with the best practices for a perfect entry strategy into India. Let’s make it a walk in the park!


Recruitment Life Cycle Support

Hiring employees takes more than just posting an ad, accepting applications and running a background check. From analyzing the need of the candidate to properly getting through joining formalities, Stan offers an ordered and faultless process of recruitment.

Active and Passive Talent Searches

Target both active as well as passive candidates to ensure that the candidate has optimal talent in accordance with the client’s requirements.

Candidate Phone Screen and Scheduling

Flexibility to use phone calls for pre-screening candidates before offering in-person interviews.

Recruiter Interview Scheduling

Collaborating with candidate to schedule the best time for interview, which is feasible for both parties.

How we differ from Other Recruitment Outsourcing Companies
Feature/ Advantages
 All RPO Companies
 P4P Stan RPO
Monthly Retainer Charge
1500$ - 2200$/month
0% Retainer Charge
Placement Guarantee
No such Guarantee
60 Days Guaranteed Closure
Commissions per Closure
500$ to 750$/Closure
No Need of Placement Bonus
ROI Promise
No Return is promised
You pay once after gaining your return
Notice period to end Contract
30 to 45 days
No such limitations
Placement Promises
Lots of false exaggeration
We stick with reality
± 4500$ need to be spent per closure
No spending until closure
Risk Factor
100% Risk for your side
100% Risk on us; it is our commitment!

Our Robust Process distinguishes us from other RPO providers and

generates extraordinary results for our clients

Greater Satisfaction

We strive to serve you until you’re a satisfied with the results and seek benefits only after you attain profitability for your investments.

Higher Quality

We do not let quantity hamper quality and garner more opportunities without sacrificing eminence.

Better Productivity

When Stan recruiters share the workload, your internal recruiters get to accomplish more, thus enhancing overall productivity.

More Profitability

more on high-profit opportunities and generate more profits.By leveraging upon our offshore recruiters at lower margin you get to focus

100% ROI


Once we take responsibility of placements, we walk an extra mile for closing respective job position, which offers a guaranteed return of investment.

Pay after satisfaction

Fee Structure

Direct Hire 3999$/closure
Contract 2999$/closure

Pay us only after your recruitment need gets fulfilled and the candidate
gets placed in your company.

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