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Productive Edge is one of the fastest-growing boutique IT consulting companies based out of Chicago. The firm started its Indian operations with five employees. Now it has 20 and is still growing.

Client Video Views

We work closely with our clients, giving them a homely feeling. For a better idea, here’s our client giving you their side of the story about working with Stan Ventures and Insourcing.

Wyatt Kapastin, Managing Partner
Wyatt Kapastin

Managing Partner, Productive Edge LLC.

Productive Edge is one of the fastest-growing software development companies in Chicago. It's a boutique firm that desires to connect with only top-notch talent for their services. They are ranked 1093 on the INC 5000 list and have a growth rate of 396 percent over the last three years.COMPLETED NOW



The Start - Understanding the Insourcing Idea

Productive Edge is one of the best boutique firms in the international market. Understanding their market approach, reputation and culture, Stan Ventures approached them with the idea. Productive Edge had worked in India, and thus understood the value of the Insourcing idea. After a series of discussions with the stakeholders and practice directors, we worked out a perfect roadmap for the company. The Insourcing idea was a go!


Recruitment Begins

The talent hunt soon began once the roadmap was finalized. The roadmap clearly stated the technology teams and the number of employees to be recruited for the Indian setup. The subsidiary company needed three departments: two development teams on different technologies and a quality assurance team, with a total head count of 10. The manhunt soon began.

APRIL 2015

Interview Process - The First Employee

Stan Ventures helped Productive Edge identify the best workers on the market based on various requirements. The interview process was a battlefield. Productive Edge, being a boutique firm, always wants to have the best talents in its organization, but the recruitment got tougher as every resource interviewed impressed the directors one way or the other. In the end, Productive Edge took a big step by selecting its first leader for the Indian office.

MAY 2015

Home - PE India Pvt Ltd

Understanding the culture of Productive Edge, Stan Ventures was on the hunt for the perfect office space in the perfect location. In no time, an office space was found and was agreed upon by Productive Edge. Now PE India had its official address.

MAY 2015

Registration Complete

While the interview process was under way, the Stan Ventures management and operations team had been working on the registration process for the PE India subsidiary. With all of the relevant documents and a couple of verifications done, Productive Edge India Pvt. Ltd. was born.

MAY 2015

Official Start

Productive Edge India Pvt. Ltd. officially began its operations in India with five employees, and five more joined in a week's time. After witnessing the immense talent and technology knowledge in the interview process, PE revised the roadmap set for India, which increased the head count to tens more, with a few more technology departments.


PE India Pvt. Ltd. is a 20-person company, with many more people coming soon. The growth of the parent company had been great, and the Indian workers have impressed them in every way. There have been parties, hardships, fun, excitement and every known emotion within the office, but in the end, it's Productive Edge that is growing strong, successful and reaping more benefits than it has sown.