SEO On-Air: Building and Scaling for Success with Kristopher Jones

In this riveting episode of SEO On-Air, Aaron Basil is joined by Kristopher Jones, the multifaceted Founder of LSEO. From scaling businesses to the power of backlinks and growth marketing, this episode has it all. 

Kristopher, who comes with a unique blend of experience in psychology, law, and entertainment, shares invaluable insights for entrepreneurs looking to build and scale their ventures. His extensive leadership in multiple companies and mastery over technical SEO topics will leave you hungry for more.

Key Discussion Points:

  • A peek into Kristopher’s diverse personal life, including his passion for fishing.
  • Unpacking his experience on the TV show “Planet of the Apps” and its influence on his entrepreneurial journey.
  • Unique challenges in building and scaling businesses, with insights from Kristopher’s psychology and law background.
  • Key strategies and lessons from over 20 years in business.
  • Deep-diving into technical SEO topics, including the significance of backlinks and leveraging Google signals for SEO.

Don’t miss this enriching conversation that could redefine your approach to business and digital marketing.

Meet the speakers

Aaron Basil
Podcast Host
Kristopher Jones

Guest Bio

Kristopher Jones

Kristopher Jones, an online marketing pioneer since 1999, co-founded Pepperjam, a renowned internet marketing agency and affiliate network, recognized by Inc. Magazine for three consecutive years as a top-performing privately-held company. After its acquisition by eBay Enterprise in 2009, Jones founded KBJ Capital, an early-stage technology investment firm, with a portfolio boasting seven companies, including and, raising tens of millions in venture capital from elite firms like Lightspeed Venture Partners and Google Ventures. A trailblazer in the industry, Jones continues to shape the tech landscape with his strategic investments and entrepreneurial ventures.